So the new google image options, is really cool. It feels almost like an immediate response to those Bing! ads done in spanish telenovella style.

Cool though that’s a good thing, as it let’s us customize it.. must say.. cool.

Oh speaking of Google, I recently within say the last month decided to give google Chrome a shot. I didn’t think it was really going to get me to change from my Firefox. Then I found the damn thing was fast. And after getting used to the location of the bookmarks on the side, and the way it plays out.. and that you can theme it as well..

Well I’ll just say. Google is currently impressing me.

I’m going to be writing up a post about the game Elemental: War of Magic. My hopes, and basic impressions. I’ve been waiting for 4 years, for it, so a few more months, and beta’s will be just fine by me.

Also, I’ve got to say, I love my radio station on Pandora. Where else can I go from 40’s music, to Weezer, to Elvis Crespo (spanish swing music), to Eminem, to the Willie Nelson, to Metallica, to the Dropkick Murphy’s, to Skillet.

It’s definitely been a day.. but as always, getting what we need.


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