Elemental: War of Magic – Creativity Unleashed.

What in the beautiful nine-hells am I talking about. www.elementalgame.com

This isn’t a preview or review. The game is still in beta, with a release date anticipated coming out on August 24th, 2010.

Now, myself, I’ve been following the development of the game for the last 4 years. My background on this is that I’m a gamer, 28 years for D&D. But that said.. I find the very nature of this type of game, a 4X Fantasy Strategy, Turn Based Game. With extreme modifying built right into it. To be a virtual cornucopia of mental juices, and a release of adventures, and stories dying to get out. My thesaurus shall over flow soon.

Not the Mona Lisa

Okay so obviously, I’m talking about it at this moment. But it’s because of what it represents to me. A complete and total creative regenerative force. Right now, my creative juices, are seriously primed and unlocked. Enough so that I’m even unlocking my writing block. You know the one that stops you from actually, writing. Well I’ve broken it out. I’ve got something truly interesting to present soon. It’s not finished yet. And I’m going to be putting up a preview and keep folks up to date on what’s going on with the Beta’s of the game.

Now, all that said. I’ll be the first to admit that I am participating in their contest Elemental Army. And you can take what I say with the appropriate grain of salt. But as they don’t need the funds to finish this game. Nor will it affect any aspect of the game currently. I too feel no concern, about my participation and my ability to remain neutral. Hell, I’ll be more likely to point out the negative if it’s valid. Just my natural sense of right and wrong. I’ve already preordered the game and gain nothing of true import from the contest that could affect my integrity. Cause a copy of a game and possibly a $50-$100 gift card is nice. But in my world where I’m doing fine financially (knocks on wood literally), that becomes an irrelevant point.

So.. NOW.. I just wanted to discuss it here briefly. I’ll be posting much more information here, about it as I find out about it. And it’ll appear in between other things that pop up into my mind. So, all things being equal. This is just something I can sink my teeth into, and it should help me as a catalyst for other activities that I’ve been meaning to follow up on.

So say we all. May you always get what you need. And may what you need today be a smooth an uneventful day. But if it is eventful, I have faith that your getting it as needed.

And may you ALL have something in your life that inspires you to greater creative moments!



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