Elemental: War of Magic – Hands on in the Beta 2 – Initial Impressions.

So, I woke up yesterday evening and found that the Beta was live. So I quickly at this point, began the dance of downloading a .99 gig file. (I did this two times, once for my desktop and once for my laptop.)

My first impression, was I LOVED the throwback Easter Egg game intro.

And when I first watch the little monsters scroll across the screen. I felt like I was back in an old game of Ultima Online, or Pools of Radiance, playing with one of my old buddies, Ben Aronesty, or Matt Steinen, or Bob McCabe.

We used to play RPG games like this all the time, between playing our secret games of D&D (remember it was the 80’s and imagination was a bad thing..). Anyhow… back to Elemental.

So, first thing that happened when I got in. I could hear my character, a pregenerated lordling. Lord Readytodiedrel. (Or something like it.)

And I got right into the game. Well actually not really. It’s a beta so finding out that my screen covered by a giant white wasteland without anyone or anything visible was probably a bug. So I fiddled with my settings, and changed the screen display, and tried turning off the advanced lighting. That seemed to help, or the part about restarting it and getting back in and finding it worked more or less was a good sign.

So I got to explore the settings. And realized, that this would be a LOT of fun, once everything was unlocked. Oh and here’s a picture of Lord Readytodiedrel. And some giant skrat thing.

Beta graphics are supposed to not be great.

Beta graphics are supposed to not be great.

And then I found out that I couldn’t get my Logitech Wireless mouse Scroll button to be considered a normal mouse third zoom wheel, because when I clicked it. It wouldn’t let me change the orientation of the view. (I found that it did work fine on my laptop USB mouse. So I’m guessing these type of compatability issues will be the norm.)

And I also found out something else.. That if I alt Tabbed, it would auto crash it. That makes taking screen shots a bit difficult. But not impossible. But for now, I’m happy with that first one.

Now, once you get away from the beta aspect, then it’s like any other good game out there. It keeps wanting you to click the button for one more turn. And well also wondering why sometimes my cities wouldn’t let me build any more additions to it, even though I had resources, money and people.

I assume it’s normal.

Now all that said.. I got to put in a few hours on it. And I have to say, it’s quite enjoyable, even in this limited, stripped down version. (And it is REALLY Stripped down right now. But not compared to the oasis of gameplay that folks of earlier beta’s went through like hardcore troopers.)

So.. that said.. what else have I learned?

That it makes me want to make my own mod for my own game world I’ve been working and playing D&D in for the last 15 years.

Here’s a pic of our Hero.

Really Sessy.

Love my Chin! I'm famous!

As an aside, the naming conventions, are quite interesting. I know they had Random House editors helping them come up with a lot of the background, and naming structures, so they seemed realistic and organic. And in many cases, they did come across that way. I felt that I was seeing a good cross section of Tolkienesque style names, as well as ones that bore a strong resemblence to ancient eras of greece, and rome, and things that felt good, rolling off the tongue. And as someone who’s been telling stories in D&D for the last 28 years, having a good solid naming structure for regions is as important to the game, as it was to JRR himself.

So, I’m really looking forward to the full version of this. In the mean time.. I’m still working on my creative project on this field. And will be presenting it here, as soon as I can finish it. (Which will require an editing stage to really fine tune it, but I can tell you, this whole thing is really something I’ve needed.)



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