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Let’s see, my vacation last week was filled with nothing special. I went no where interesting, and did nothing of note. Except for start my blog.

Some days, I find myself, as they say. Bored out of my wits. Even when I’m doing something that normally is fun and entertaining. The exception is when I’m gaming and playing D&D with friends. Whether they are my oldest friends from back in Jersey playing online while I run Tiger’s World. Or playing a character on Sundays with my good close friends from here in Minnesota. (Or when I’m DMing on Sunday’s.)

It leads to a certain level of differential splitting. In that I mark my days by what happens that week. Gaming on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. And that’s a good thing. Maybe I hang out with others or not during the rest of those days. I used to mark those days differently when I was in a relationship. But that one ended, a while ago. A strong part of me would like to add another one into my world. I guess on that route, it’s normal. But at this point, I’m not sure how or if or whether to go about it. Knowing that doing something can work, and so can doing nothing, and then there is the reality, that there is universal destiny and fate. And evaluating what you get and knowing you got it because you needed it, but also . . .  that there are lesson to learn from that process.. and what you learn today, was important, but what you can look back on that moment and learn from, could change, and still be you getting what you need. (I’ll go on this subject somewhere else in the future.)

But if I were to really look at it. It’s partially because of habit and pattern. I’m working on changing that by starting this blog. See I’ve got some great stuff locked up in my head for stories. Stories that are dying to get out but in many cases get stuck because I had found that the outlet wasn’t good enough. Procrastination, mental stimulation, etcetera.

But as I said in an earlier post about Elemental and creativity unleashed. I’m working on a story, and just letting it come out and forcing myself to write it. And it’s weird, not the story, that’s coming out pretty damn well. I’m going with the approach of just forcing myself to write and let the character who is taking control at the time, tell me what they see, or feel. It’s not a bad way to write, and if anything, it’ll be pretty damn cool. I’ve got a couple thousand words down now, and I’m not sure what would be the best way to end the story. Because as I was writing it, it started to turn into something a bit bigger than I had intended. And I’m looking at it now, wondering what would be the best way to explore it.

See my first thought was, just write it as a 3 panel structure. But the problem, is what I felt was going to happen, at the end, now, just doesn’t feel like it should be finished in 3 panels. Beginning, Middle, End. With the wrap up tying everything together, as sort of an after effect. And that just doesn’t feel right. Now I’m thinking of telling the story, in 3 parts, with each perspective, done in that 3 parts, with all 3 perspectives, having their Intro, the next part takes us to the next station from the middle of the story and the three perspectives from that point, and then repeating that process finishing it out with a final perspective of each group, and their resolution. And see how interconnected things were.

In short, the problem means that my short story, is getting a bit longer than a short story, and will be worth quite a few pages. And then the presentation of the material here. Would it be cool to post it as each part, basically, Chapter 1, then Chapter 2, and finally Chapter 3. See how much interest is generated as it were.

Oh one thing about me writing, when I start positing ideas, it’s for two reasons, it lets my mind brain storm, and evaluate options, and figure out what I want, and need to do. And even as I just wrote the section above, it dawned on me how I intend to go do this process.

My basic plan is this, write each chapter. I’ve already written chapter 1 now. And this will be the first rough draft. And then I’ll go through each of the three perspectives, and do what I do best. . . Editing them to make them just rock. And now, after I’ve written this, I realized, again. . . I had to do it. I needed to do it. There is a story that is just waiting to be shared, and I think it’ll be a good thing when I do finally get to share it.


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