Season Finale’s (Possible Spoilers) Stargate Universe, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara

Alright, so I caught up on some TV tonight, and I have to say, I really liked all three shows, and each had a very different ending.

Stargate Universe ended up on a great cliffhanger. With a LOT of different event’s happening. I really enjoyed all the arcs throughout the season, and well the realities of each choice that was made, and the unintended consequences of those actions.

If you haven’t been watching Stargate Universe, you’re missing a good show. That’s not to say that there aren’t weaker episodes, there are, but this is season 1. So they’ll have learned a LOT more about what worked, and what didn’t. (And I mean the showrunners, and the actors.) There were good moments throughout that really worked. Especially the “Well he should have.” Moment. Seriously, good stuff. And the difference between someone who’s morals/ethics got in the way, and one who doesn’t feel that.

Nurse Jackie, hmmm well that ended with a great realistic ending. And as far as I’m concerned, I love that Zoey character. She’s the star of it for me. (Then again, I just like realistic looking women. Who have a cuteness to them. Sue me.) I have to say though, the way it turned out, was very well done. And I can be honest, I can’t stand that cheating aspect. It really bugs me. Simple as that, I don’t condone that behavior. Either figure out what you want or end it either way. Cause all your doing is going to hurt one side or the other, or both, or all three. Which was why I was having a hard time watching the series. I haven’t ever cheated on someone, (not saying I wasn’t on the other side, and been with a cheater, but that was in my youth, and I’m no longer willing to settle for less as it were) so it would just be better to make their decision and stop the rest of the crap.

And for United States of Tara, season two was pretty good. It got closer to the revelation of events that set off a chain reaction that was essentially unexpected. But really helped propel the overall story. The show is a good one that makes you uncomfortable at times, but I find it’s got a good balance. Very realistic in the sense that life happens to everyone, and everyone makes idiotic choices, and mistakes. And then in other cases, loving someone unconditionally, is also a key aspect of the story. Doesn’t mean they don’t piss you off, or screw up, but that show is about loving beyond expectation.


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