Elemental: War of Magic – Gameplay-Beta 2. Preview 1 of 3

Hello all,

I spent a little time the other day, hhmmm wait that was today. Being a third shifter makes time merge in different ways, very Einsteinian and Stephen Hawkingsish. So do forgive my transition of time sharing this with you.

I’ve got a series of videos that have some bite sized gameplay along with my own running commentary, throughout the game, and Preview and review. In it I do share  how this beta is going and just what the world feels like. This will be a series. This is part 1 of 3. And will include 8 videos for you to feast your eyes upon. Forgive any witty commentary or sarcasm. It was the middle of the night and into the morning.

So without further ado, let the video’s commence!

– Video 1

– Video 2

– Video 3

– Video 4

– Video 5

– Video 6

– Video 7

Numbering is fun, but when there is a tragic and catastrophic numbering accident, you are forced to save what you can, and have to jump and avoid the crashing debris. And watch the sad mistake of number eights demise.

Please, let’s have a moment of silence for the number eight.

Okay thankfully the little Eightlings didn’t turn over the casket, so now we enjoy video nine!

– Video 9 (remember, 8 was killed, and we took his stuff and sold it for 20%.. go adventurers! Don’t tell the Eightlings!)


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