Impetus leads to the defeat of procrastination!

Yep, just like the title suggests. I finally after years, wanted to give Fraps a shot, so I could record my own videos of game play, and also provide my own special brand of commentary. Which then lead to me doing just that. And then finding a good movie converter once I finally got a movie to edit as it were.

Which means I’m going to put up a new Elemental video. And also do some actual game play recording. And break them up in smaller movie chunks as it were. Preview, review, etcetera.

Like I said, creativity when unleashed, floods into the rest of my life. And it sweeps aside the older cobwebs of self-defeat, and personal stagnation. So… all things being equal. I’m happy to have things to work with, and finally, I’ve got a really good microphone to record with, so folks get to listen to my voice. Oh yeah.. “And so it begins…”


About gorstagg

Life long gamer.
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