Oil.. 25,000 barrels. Screw that, let’s go bigger… and other stuff.

Okay, so I just saw this video while surfing. And remember, take this into account. They estimate it could be between 35,000 – 60,000! barrels a day. (And they keep edging it upwards.)

All that said. And I really mean this. Last time I looked, when we had a Solar spill, entire ecosystems were destroyed. And if we were using modern technology that’s available today, we could be easily powering a vast majority of our actual energy needs by solar power. (You know that thing up in the sky that shines down on us. With some areas, getting enough sunlight to you know… power our needs. Though I’m not saying it’s easy. But we need to transition now. And we need to put that pressure on our government and ourselves.) That doesn’t even take into account the idea of solar arrays, being down energy to the earth in focused microwave bursts.

Or we’ll keep it up and we’ll end up in our very own apocalypse, and that’s not an exaggeration. Electric cars, alternative renewable fuels, and so on.


And one thing unrelated to Oil. I’ve made some additional headway on the editing of Chapter 1, Part 2. The King.

Speaking of that.. just a little insight on the story. I’ll be editing the first chapter title. But it should read Chapter 1. Part 1. The Adventurer. And the story is one of life in the Elemental World. From the perspective of the adventurer, the King (sovereign), and the scion his son, as a soldier.

And as an aside, I’ll also be putting up some new videos of Elemental Beta 2a! (They added a lot more fun!)


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