Elemental: War of Magic – Beta 2a – New Gameplay Experience! With freshly picked Rainier Cherry scents and flavors!

Welcome back everyone,

Well I’m coming back to you with two new videos of the gameplay. These are a little later on in the adventuring of the previous preview. (Helps keep a sense of continuity!)

I’m also going to do another batch of videos this weekend, expect them up sometime Monday morning.

Before I continue, to the videos. (Which you can totally skip on down to watch them if your inclined to do so!)

If I was being asked, “What do you think of the game as it is now?”

“Well thanks mythical person, that’s a good question. What I think about the game at this time. Well first off it’s a beta, and what were playing right now is literally a shadow of the game. It’s a sliver of a shadow of a passing giant, striding past us, as we cower in it’s presence. But without hyperbole, I would say. All the little key pieces of the later game are starting to become visible. And it’s about damn time a new IP came along and remembered, that the PC, is a powerful story telling medium.”

“Well Gorstagg, that’s still doesn’t tell us what you think. Your brainstorming your answer again.” – says the mythical interviewer.

“Partially. In truth, I have not been let down by the crew over at Stardock with their games yet. That’s just from personal actual experience. But even going past the ethics, and devotion to their customers. This game is incredibly ambitious, and it’s evolved since the earlier beta’s. And they learned some significant things about what they were trying to do. And also, in turn, realized their sacred cows, needed to be slaughtered, to make a better game. And they did. I hear Frogboy had a full three pounds of that sacred cow.”

“But, beta 2, was a good experience. It taught me a little bit about the game. And 2A is a gigantic leap from the earlier beta. And each time I’ve gotten into the game I’ve gotten a new handle on what starting to happen. Things to look for. And things I can NOT wait for! Such as actual randomly generated maps. As well as, all that other stuff, War and Magic. And diplomacy, and what not. And to see more graphics, and for the bugs to be squashed. But beside all of that. A game that treats you and I. Like were intelligent, and it’s catering to our needs. Fantasy, Turn based games.”

“Which gets back to why I’ve always preferred turn based games. In RTS games, you rush, build, rush, build, send troops out to battle, sometimes controlling it, but mostly going with specific approaches. And I like to.. you know watch the battles that I’m orchestrating. Going with grand strategy ala the Total War Series, where you’ve got strategic choices being made, and then you get to get into a specific battle. And watch your soldiers work it out. You get to pay attention, fully to what the hell is happening. And not have to wait to watch it afterwords. But to watch it as it unfolds, and not have to worry about build queues or other stuff. And to clarify, I’m fully capable of multi-tasking. But I’m here to have fun too and watching battles unfold with my tactical commands in place, is pure unadulterated cherry flavored mind candy. All shiny and delicious. Waiting for me to appreciate the heroes of the battle, as well as getting surprised when the enemy pulls out an ambush that I didn’t account for. Those are just awesome moments. So… I prefer turn based combat that let’s me get in and play and really enjoy the full gamut of the environment. And to let it wash over me, exciting my mental cortex.”

“So uhm yeah. See I’ve been waiting for this type of game for a very long time. A mixing of D&D, and civilization building after an apocalypse. And then throwing in a bit of that Game of Thrones, and the Song of Fire and Ice. And when the mods come along.. elves, and dwarves, with tons of different flavors, and orcs, and chaos, and traditional D&D monsters and more.”

So back to the videos. Hehe…

– Part 1.

– Part 2.

(Just a quick note, depending on when you watch them. They may not be fully processed by Youtube yet. So they won’t have any decent view options. But give it about 30 minutes to an hour. And you’ll have the full HD options that they will eventually be in.)


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