More Elemental 2A!

So in this 3 part video series. I explore a new continent, and play through some interesting game play. And ultimately make a useful learning discovery. That not every start and game decision that the player can make will be a good viable option. (At least so far in the beta 2a. The full version, I expect there will be a considerable volume of methods for starting and exploring and expanding.)

So without further ado, I present the videos. (Just a quick user note, Youtube takes a little time to process the videos, and when they are fully and finally done, they will be in 720p HD quality. So just know that, it’s a matter of processing.)

1 of 3.

2 of 3.

3 of 3.

(Note video 3 is taking a while to process still. But just check back for it later. And it should be completed by then. Then being a variable as random as the value of a stone of time, for measurement.)


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2 Responses to More Elemental 2A!

  1. Druduss says:

    Thanks for the video, the game look very beautifull so far (sometimes a bit empty maybe).
    I follow the development of the game since the beginning, and i found your topic with the link of this blog in the official forum of Elemental.

    Can I ask you to show how to design units ? How it work, what can be done ?
    I’m very intersted to play this game and be able to create my own Sovereign, Faction and units ^^

    Sorry if I mad some english error, I’m a french speaker 😉

    Thanks again, I will follow your blog !

    • gorstagg says:

      Hi Druduss!

      Thanks for the nice words. The game looks pretty good, but what’s funny is the main graphics for the game aren’t even in yet. (They are saving them for the release of the game, since they don’t need to be beta-tested.)

      I would be happy to do a video about how to design units, and how that works. Your english is pretty good for this not being your native language!

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