Cinema/TV Musings… and some notes… (May contain spoilers).

Elemental Note. 2B will be out this week, and if we follow the tradition for Stardock it’ll come out on Thursday. So we’ll get to explore the game with some new choices, and some other ones turned off (for Researching). And of course these will still be just be part of the beta, but I’ll have some more videos put up as I get some experience with it when it comes.

And I’m pretty sure, I’ll also be putting up Chapter 1 – Part 2 – The King this week as well. There will also probably be a few new videos showcasing some other aspects of this current 2A.

Now, to cinema. I had intended to go see Jonah Hex this weekend. And then I made the discovery of a clip from the movie. And found I really, really didn’t like the cinematography. It just looked really unpleasing. And then there were a few parts within it and after watching a minute or so of it. I realized. Netflix Movie. So I saved myself $9.50 plus possible food and drinks.

Now for all I know that movie was good. But when I perused a few sites talking about it… they all seemed to say, “How could such a great concept go so horribly wrong.” Yeah that was enough for me.

So let’s see, television entertainment. This week and last week. I have to say I was impressed with Justified. That show, as much as it reminds me of a less foul mouthed modern Deadwood in Kentucky. I found it’s a really compelling story, and has great actors. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you do so. Definitely one of those shows that really keeps you entertained. And the finale was really done well. Like really, really well.

Speaking of shows from last week. Stargate Universe. This show is finally starting to hit it’s stride. To a certain degree I wouldn’t mind seeing either Chloe or Johansen die, to fuel a story where they are willing to sacrifice a key character. Though if I had to flush one of them, Johansen would be my choice for the lack of back story with her and her actual character development. (She’s had squat.. and is currently a blank character who were supposed to care about but I just don’t.) Chloe, had some good character developments with her interactions with Eli. Which was good. Though when she mentioned he shouldn’t always feel like the runner-up. It’s cause hello… she’s a hot chick and the real world the hot chicks don’t go towards the nerdy smart overweight guys. So uhm yeah he’s going to feel like it’s 2nd place. Cause you don’t see him for where he’s really coming from, but kudo’s for your vapid self important awareness moment. But maybe she’ll really grow into a human and realize she impacts those around her. But we’ll see. The rest of the show was well done.

Shows caught this week. Treme. I watched this, and was left on the edge with wondering if I’ll care about these characters down the road. See with the Wire, there was decent tension with interweaved realistic characters. But they had they had the backdrop of showing Criminals and Cop’s and the sundries around them. Then the show evolved with the core concept still involving the cops and their world. Treme. Is not that show. But it’s done by the same Show Runner. My problem, is, I enjoy drama’s. Good real life human interactions. But that said, I do prefer to have a deeper connection to the greater story and the characters. And listening to music in New Orlean’s doesn’t do it for me. (Though for the first time in an unknown period of time, I could actually stand the Jazz played. It was really good, and well done. Though I’m still not a jazz listener, and don’t enjoy it.)

So Treme is on that cusp of being avoided. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5, but for now, the show is only going to get a few more episodes to sell me on it’s goals. Because though I love most of the actor’s, and in that regard I really do. All of them except Victoria from CSI Miami. She just rubs me wrong every single time and she was easily the weakest link in that show so far.

Hmm Oh yeah True Blood Season 3, Episode 1.

I liked it. Though there was a lot of ambiguity this season. And I’m finding that some of the show hit and some of it missed. Werewolves, a Hit. Bill still being Bill, Hit. Sookie running around like a complete total melodramatic moron, Miss. Erik the Northman, Hit. The Queen, being desperate isn’t becoming and feels pretty weak, Miss. Tara being suicidal, seems an extreme reaction but then she was in a sense mind raped in the previous season, and she wasn’t always the most balanced, and calm, and full of rational thought, Hit/Miss. Jason’s neurosis and mental issues, are getting a bit tiresome, even with those wolf girls, Miss. Hoyt, and his issues with Jessica, and her issues, Hit. Well done, and full of naivety, in both cases. And Sam exploring his backstory was good. Hit. Even the odd Bill/Sam moment was done well, though it totally threw me off, until I remembered the whole drinking vamp blood makes you want the person who’s blood you drank.. irregardless of sex. So there was that. Lafayette being true to the character, total Hit.

In that sense I would probably give it a Hit. Rating 3.5 out of 5.

Hot in Cleveland. 3.5 out of 5. Funny show, and I’ve always had a little crush on Valerie Bertonelli. The other women did a good job, and Betty White really helped sell the story. And there were some seriously good laugh out loud moments. Which I wasn’t sure about at first. I would watch more episodes of this.

D&D game session this weekend was pretty good. We had a good couple moments of roleplaying, and a great finale for that module ending. (Scales of War, Dungeon 159.) (DM’s note, I’m helping the DM who’s running it, as I’ve got 28 years of gaming experience, and normally run our 4th edition stuff. Well I normally DM for us in general. And this time I’m an assistant DM helping him as needed, which in this case also was a case of helping set up the right monsters for the end boss fight. Increasing numbers in some cases and putting the hurt on the bad guys. All in all good solid “Will” Fight.)

Side note, those who game with me have gotten used to my normal tough fights. Which are always a bit tougher than what’s put in the modules. Just cause those aren’t very well done in most cases. Now, adjusting monsters is something I’m good at. And I make engaging fights that focus on tough issues, that will challenge the players, to utilize their resources (hit points, powers, consumables, etc…) and 4th edition is easily one of the best and most DM friendly systems to come along. And after playing this edition, it’s hard to even consider playing any of other systems. Because this one is elegant in it’s function and real world translation into the actual playing of the game.

But the funny note is my players, have gotten so used to my DMing style and hard fights, that when they’ve gotten to play at D&D days, they always walk right on through those issues, like they were special forces. (Not min-maxed, just focus and direction.) So going through those sessions it’s like a hot knife through a stick of warm butter.

Anyhow, the point, we had a good time this session, and got a lot accomplished, and have everything in there also still tying into aspects of my gameworld. At some point I’ll put more D&D related stuff here if folks are interested.


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One Response to Cinema/TV Musings… and some notes… (May contain spoilers).

  1. LunargentThorn says:

    My RP group stick to D&D 3.5, we didn’t tried 4th edition. Is it flexible and fun? Do you enjoy it? What kind of “+” and “-” does it have? It is interesting to know opinion of person who played in 4th edition 🙂

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