Elemental: War of Magic – New Video Coming. (Unit Design)

I recently received a request to show how Units were designed. So right now, I’ve got it recorded, and I’m working on converting them. (Experimenting with some new software.) So we’ll see shortly what it’s going to do. When I’m done with that, I’ll post them here in this one.

As an aside if there is something else you are wanting to see, let me know. If it’s currently in the beta, and you would like to see it, let me know. I’ll do my best to get it up here.

(Just a note folks remember, if it’s not available right away, check back. It’s a matter of Youtube processing the video. And when it’s fully 100% processed, it’ll be up in the HD range for options again.)

As an aside, I found some software to help merging them from a size stand point. So that way, for whatever reason it breaks down into smaller chunks, I can manage it better and try to get videos merged closer to 10 minutes per vid. Not always, but at least pretty well done. It takes some editing to get it done right but the experiments are going well on that front.


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3 Responses to Elemental: War of Magic – New Video Coming. (Unit Design)

  1. Druduss says:

    Thanks for the video !

    Designing unit look great ! But I see that all unit you made have 5 HP, will we be able to give them more life ?
    And what about horses ? Can you actually use them ? What kind of bonuses did they give ? I imagine speed, but maybe more life or defense ?

    Ho, and there’s a small problem with the video, top and bottom are cut a little, we can’t see all options.

    I can’t wait to know how will be the tactical battle ^^

  2. gorstagg says:

    Hello Druduss.

    All the units start with 5 hp’s at this time. How we’ll be able to enhance that, still eludes us at this stage of the testing.

    Horses I’ve not had the technology researched, and had them within the range of a city. So I don’t know yet. Though I look forward to it.

    As far as the video, yes I too noticed the oddity with the video cutting off portions of the top and bottom. I’ve made some new adjustments to the editing process which should fix that for the future.

    And you and I Both are waiting for the tactical battles. That’s where things should get really interesting.

  3. LunargentThorn says:

    I like your videos and I want to say “thank you” for them. It’s nice to see Elemental in action. Go on!:)

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