Elemental: War of Magic notes.

For those of you who follow Elemental. I’m including a few links to things that I think would be a fun thing to see shared.  Of which, I’m really excited to see Elemental 2B. It’s going to let us focus on the Magic and the Adventure tech trees. That’s a great thing.

As an aside, for those of you out there looking into one of the great strengths of this game. Modding. I think when people finally see what this game has under the hood, Elemental will be the engine and game that will become a MUST have for the foreseeable future.

That is a video put up by Brad Wardell. (Aka Frogboy, Aka Draginol.) This video showed some really interesting “Insides” to the modding functions. The ease of it. I really liked the XML stuff in the monster portion. Lots of copy and pasting, and what not. (I’ve been doing something oddly similar with RPTools/Maptools program when making Macros for my D&D 4th Edition gaming group.)

So there’s that.. and a side note. My plan for new video’s will be to make some new ones when 2B comes out. Exploring that side of it and recording it for you guys. If anyone has any specific requests on this field, let me know. And we’ll get right to it, when it comes out.


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