Hello All, 4 more New Elemental Beta 2B videos coming tonight. 34 Minutes new Footage.

Welcome everyone,

Just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know that I’ve got 4 more new videos filmed and being prepared to go up tonight. 34 Minutes of new footage. And this time, I tackle Magic head on. Explaining it as I’ve found it so far in this version. (Which I expect will be almost nothing like it is now. As again this is a beta.)

I kinda do a walk through on magic as it exists, and you also get to experience, what it’s like to be in a beta, with the game crashing upon casting of spells. And also when it doesn’t crash as expected. Fun for the whole family!

And for those who aren’t fully aware. Beta version 3 is coming out near the end of the week. And all the tech tree’s will be turned on. All the factions will be up and running. And we’ll also be getting tactical battles in this series soon.

But for those who need their appetites whetted with some new footage.. I present to you a post by the Frogboy (Brad Wardell, owner of Stardock).  Mod Tools are like Crack

For those of you who like to see how easy it is to begin modding. That above series of 4 videos. Will really unlock the door, when it comes to showing you what it’ll take to begin to build your OWN Mod for Elemental. (If I haven’t hinted at it enough, seriously. This is just a game engine, and we’ll be able to build our own games off of it. Different flavors, and what not. This will BE THE Game to get, and will let you build your own games for those who have preferences, maybe a mash of Warhammer & D&D and Confrontation/Ragnarok, mixed in with the harsh reality of a Game of Thrones, and so on.)

So check back later, today/tonight. And I’ll those new videos for you to enjoy!


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2 Responses to Hello All, 4 more New Elemental Beta 2B videos coming tonight. 34 Minutes new Footage.

  1. druduss says:

    What seems intersting, is that it seems we can merge different mod in the same game (if I don’t misunderstand).

    I can’t wait to (try) make my own mod ^^

    • gorstagg says:

      I believe there will be something similar to other versions, where you can check to “Load” different “Mods” into the game to experience. We’ll get more info on that down the road soon though I’m guessing.

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