Well, here they are. Decided to not wait until tonight. 4 new videos. Beta 2B

Now improved with some “Magic”.

Part 1 of 4.

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4.

Now as I said, this includes a look at the beta version of magic at present. I totally expect it to change quite a bit before it goes gold. That said, all of the game will take roughly a couple solid days of designer time to tweak their expectations and turn the game into something that just roars with fun, and interesting gameplay.

(Also as always, give the video some time to properly process, and when it’s all done by Youtube, they’ll all be in 1080p HD quality.)

So you may be asking, what do I think of 2B.

It’s showing me that there is some fundamental work that will need to be done, but even with that being said. That last part with a dedicated team of hard core designers, will fall into place like no one’s business.

What’s the performance like you ask? Right now, well there are phrases for bad, or suck that would fit here. But that’s because they are testing aspects of the engine for how it works for real life tests. In my case, I can get Crashes To Desktop if I do a few things, like cast spells and what not. But that’s not because the game is flawed, that’s because this isn’t a game yet. It’s a beta, so they are trying to work out the kinks on a massive range of equipment.

What am I looking forward to? Series 3 Beta. That’s when the majority of the game is available to play, and then we’ll see the tweaks start falling into place. Key game concepts will go from planned to reality. And then the doors will blow open with a great game. Even then though that’ll still be just a normal part of the process.

So anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the videos, and if time permits I’ll put a few more together before Beta 3. Have a great day.


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2 Responses to Well, here they are. Decided to not wait until tonight. 4 new videos. Beta 2B

  1. druduss says:

    Thanks for the videos !

    With beta 3, will there be random generated maps ?
    And with magic, can you cast spell at the place from where you design your unit to make them stronger ?

    And, I notice that cities got a small wall made with wood, something to keep cow inside like. Will there be real wall with impact on tactical battle ?

    • gorstagg says:

      Beta 3 will FINALLY have those random maps that I’ve been dying for. That’s going to be really great to see how well their algorithm’s for land construction play out.

      So far with magic, if you’ve got the mana to cast the spell, and your within range it will let enhance the unit. “Protection from Fire” and other similar spells.

      Tactical battles will be in Beta 3. And we’ll finally get to see what that’s going to entail. Including attack cities, and their actual defenses. But they are aware of the tactical advantages of walls, so I’m sure they’ll have a real purpose within the battles.

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