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Well a new version of Elemental: War of Magic, ala Beta 3 will be coming out. And this one is looking really good. Why?

Because the game will finally have almost everything turned on for the testing. (Not the super awesome Tactical Battles yet.. but that’ll come sooner than later.) And now, we’ll be able to really get a good idea of the game mechanics, with multiple directions to take the game.

And they said they would be turning on all 5 tech trees, and all the factions, including the Empires of the Fallen. This is where I’ll finally be able to get a stronger idea of what I’ve been hinting at. The game essentially will turn itself on, and then it can only get deeper from there. So that’s going to be a great adventure to experience.

For this upcoming new test, I’m going to start by playing the Bad guys.. probably going with some Fallen … figured, I like the name Xa’goth and will use that for our sovereign. And we’ll call the world, Turanuus (Two’raw’noose).  Oh and magic will finally make sense, and they’ve got it ironed out on that end. This is where the excitement for this game suddenly kicks it up a notch.

And beyond that.. well I’ll put up some new videos very soon, with the new stuff when they release it for us to test.

Here is a link Beta 3 Walkthrough to the thread discussing what’s going to be in Beta 3. AS well as this one discussing the AI in the game You Humans! .


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