Break their bones, grind them into the dust. (Random rant not Elemental related possible.)

Welcome all,

Just a heads up, I’ve made some headway on the Empire faction videos. Got a few of them recorded now, and show what’s involved with the creation of a female wraith queen (kinda different the SG-Atlantis, but only slightly.. hehe), and the faction Kingdom of Blood (not of any relation to the OotS variant… mine isn’t a fat red dragon queen..) full of trogs, (very Solomon Grundylike).

Also, I end up wiping out another Empire in the first few turns of play. Let’s hear it for logic and playstyle. And see me heed my own warning, regarding troops and cities.

So check back later on today, and I should have them up, will be about 44 minutes worth of gameplay for the first 5 videos.


Side note, about the Last Airbender, I know nothing about it’s backstory or anything like that, or how bad a movie it is or isn’t. But one thing I had read in an article the other day, that I found interesting was that they’ve seemingly revolutionized the way fire and water flow. Like it’s taking it as a new industry standard. What I found fascinating is when I’ve seen a few trailers for it, the water and fire REALLY do look incredible. Though knowing that story is apparently really really bad, makes it a bit hard to go see this. As I just abhor wasting time and money supporting people who cut excessive corners in order to bring their vision to us. When everyone keeps pointing out it’s just bad.

So.. that makes another movie I’ve not gone and seen in the theatre this summer, I was looking forward to Jonah Hex, but I heard taking a thick knotted rope to your groin would be a better experience. And couple of other films so far. Dammit.. make a good film and I’ll go watch it. Stop screwing it up. And if that means it’s the damn movie companies getting way to many hands in the pie, for a buck, stay the hell away, and see if that approach works. (With the exception of M Night, Shamayalan, or whatever… you really need to stop giving him things to play with for a while. And this is someone who liked that realistic super hero story he did, Indestructible.)

And on to the ranting now that I seem to be doing… to all the drivers out there.. pay attention to the road, and the people around you. Sitting at a light while you jabber on the phone when you have several people behind you.. is NOT cool. And what’s worse you’re probably the person who tail gates the HELL out of me when I’m doing the speed limit. Listen were all part of a social covenant. We all agree to abide by certain rules, even if at times they are inconvenient. It’s part of the fabric of our functioning societies.

But staying much less than a car length from my bumper when I’m doing the speed limit is a good way to have a bad day. If you don’t like the speed limit, address your local assembly about getting it raised. Until then, don’t be surprised when your up my ass and I get pissed off at you all.

Oh.. yeah and here’s another one.. if someone is trying to help you, through whatever problem that your having, and you’ve called and I answered it (because it’s my job on the overnight), accept that I am going to help you as professionally as possible. My goal is ACTUALLY to help you out. But you screaming, or cussing, or threatening legal action, while ignoring what I am telling you. Is moronic. Not only am I the messenger for you. I’m also the person who has to explain to the various on calls for whatever issue your having that answer. Now I’ll bust my ass to help you. Screaming at me, or acting all bent out of shape because I’m NOT in the town your in, is in fact retarded.

And if I tell you, as honestly as I can, that no one will answer your call, because they don’t handle that issue. (Lockouts for apartments is a gigantic issue frequently.) Screaming and cussing will, ironically not get the answer to change. Believe me, I’ll go hardcore to help you, contacting the on calls IF the instructions allow me. But if it doesn’t, then you need to accept that maybe getting drunk and losing your keys, is something you need to take responsibility for. And if the account for the love of the gods indicate that it’s written in your lease agreement that they do NOT provide lockout services, at all, much less after hours. Then you need to take that up with the office, or.. here’s an idea.. avoid losing your keys, or have a back up somewhere, or even with a neighbor (you trust).

In the last 4 years I’ve seen a lot of interesting behavior by callers. It’s run the gamut from psychopathic, to purely sublime. But my goal is always to help you out if there is any possible way I can, I will. But if I can’t then you have to accept that it’s over. There isn’t any bargaining, unless you present new information that can alter the situation. But making it up saying the toilet is busted in your unit, and you still haven’t gotten in, and that’s you trying to be all clever, guess what. I’m the guy it has to get past to get to them. And I pay attention to what’s going on.

Oh and what’s with everyone waiting to the weekends to die? Seriously. Just sayin’.


Ironically, all that above just reminds me I should be doing Radio or voice work. And one day, I’ll get that break that let’s me get into the field. But until that day happens, and I become a successful author, or voice actor (for commercials, radio ads, radio personality, or some other similar approach), I’ll keep working at it and plowing on. And you know, I’m cool with that. Because we ALL do get what we need.


Back to Elemental: War of Magic beta 3 notes, what I do for the videos, is use 3 programs so far. Fraps to record them. Then I use Any Video Converter to convert them into smaller more compact videos upgrading the recordings to 1440×1080, and then if there are any videos that have to be merged, I use AVI Video Joiner. Eventually I’ll probably break down and get some actual editing software, but until then. I’m just fine with these tools. So if your ever watching a video and it seems like I’m saying something like Welcome back, even though it’s in the middle, it’s cause I didn’t get a chance to edit that out, and am just doing it by paying attention to the video lengths.

I do ever find a way, perseverance and all that.


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