Anticipation for implementation and evolution is contagious… Elemental Beta 3A coming “Soon™”


We should be getting a new update of the Beta version 3A coming out this week. And very likely tonight. Though it may take as long as Friday, if the past is an indicator of progress.

Myself, what I’m looking forward to in this version. Besides all the polish and update, is that the Empires will have a bit more function to their numbers, and techs. That things that weren’t turned on yet, are connected, as it were. So that way the Empire can utilize more spells with sages, and lore. And hopefully the map generation will contain a few more maps for us to play on. And that the seed generation will in turn work out pretty well.

– This is a video by Brad.

Here is a preview posted by Brad (Frogboy) from Stardock. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look and see what we may be visiting in videos soon enough. As always as I get to play, I’ll record videos and get them up here for everyone to enjoy. I want to do a series or two from the Kingdom side, and also the Empire side.

With the Empire it’ll be our Kingdom of Blood, or in this case changing it to the Empire of Blood. And the Kingdom side, I’ll use Ky’Riss and the Kingdom of Vartenia.

As usual when I’m testing if you’ve noticed some of the video’s only get up to a certain point in the process, and if there is nothing more for me to immediately test, the video’s peter out. That’s going to happen with testing and my processes myself. So with each pass, I do more and more videos, but also find that in time I get to the end of that Beta’s test life cycle for my style. So hopefully this’ll be a bit more long term interesting.

As an aside, for those who aren’t familiar with it yet. This game will be coming out on August 27th, 2010. The gold lock down date is August 4th (for the boxed disk version 1.00 for the world), and there will be a two week process or so from the 16th of July when features are fully locked down, and only polish will occur.

Now here’s another fun thought… See most people don’t realize that Stardock uses a method to ensure customers appreciate their game but also pay for it. They release updates. Even on day 1. Those updates, really upgrade the game with a lot of new features and aspects that they’ll have had an extra 13 days on to work out. What am I talking about? Well the “Gold” Date for the version 1.01 is August 17th. One week before it goes live to the world. In that 13 days, their next stage of upgrades will fall into place.

And before anyone does something stupid and accuse them of holding back goodies.

They don’t. the fundamental version1.00 will be a great game. But to reward people who paid for the game, they upgrade it with even further better updates. Because Stardock’s only actual DRM is that they have you register the product once. That’s it. (Editor’s Note: On version 1.00 in the box, there is absolutely NO DRM of any kind. At no point do you even have to register the game. And can just play the 1.00 version forever.) Then it’s available for the life of the internet as we know it. Via the Impulse program. (Think Steam without a lot of the crap associated with it. And it being required to be connected to play the game.)

So updating is going to be a fun aspect because new improvements/aspects of the game will have been enhanced. And that’s a good thing.

So to those who are waiting… I feel your anticipation.. for mine is rising as well. So have a good day, and I’ll see you all in the videos coming up soon.

(Made some minor edits to the post, to reflect pacing, accuracy and readability.)


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