There was this Ticking and this Tocking… and the pebble of time moved and waited…

Hey Folks,

So, per a post put up by Brad, this version of Elemental Beta 3A that’s very likely coming out today. Will contain a lot of new improvements. With as many of them as indicated…

Elemental Beta 3A Change Log

I feel that it’ll be a really good chance to do some good testing. One major thing I’m looking to do though … will be able to build ships, and hopefully with the new maps, and new map seeds.. we’ll see this happen.

Once I get my hands on the new version, I’ll post up some videos as soon as possible. So … fingers virtually being crossed.. and tapping, and a rapping gently at my wooden door.. the new version will be out today. I won’t probably get new videos up until around 9-10pm CST. But will do my best to get something up asap.


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