Rally unto me, and we shall tear this Tyranny apart!

Alright, so you asked for it.. (literally, several of you have asked for it.. hehe)

Here are 75 minutes of Elemental: War of Magic, Beta 3A gameplay videos. And they are Beta videos to be certain. But I can tell you after playing these, they are really building up the excitement level! You can see the game forming under your very eyes. Coalescing like some abyssal calamity out of a fugue state. For this beast will sink it’s dripping hooks into your flesh, and pull you in to it’s dark necrotic embrace. And you will find yourself craving it’s ebon touch, as you play, one more turn. Just one more turn.

So here they are, starting with the first video again, for the purists sake of echo locational continuity, and fibrous connective tissue.

There ya go. 75 minutes of gaming entertainment. (Standard notes, they are being processed, and may not be in full 1080p HD yet. But by midnight they all should be. Even now though several already are.)

As always may you find enjoyment in these videos. They are likened to running through a blood splattered sausage factory. Meat, and tissue dangling for swinging forlorn gore covered hooks. And a harrowing moan of death and decay. So if your enjoyment has you walking through the virtual gore of a beta test, and experiencing issues.. then I welcome you as kin.

To Stardock, GREAT work on this one. And you guys worked hard to get it out to us, so I hope you too enjoy these videos.


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One Response to Rally unto me, and we shall tear this Tyranny apart!

  1. druduss says:

    Thanks you for the video !

    This game is becoming better each time i saw a new video ^^
    I can’t wait to customize race and faction as said on the official journal !

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