It is always the darkest before the dawn. Unleash the Giant Rock spider! Beware comrade at arms, it transforms!

Well, I must really like all of you. And I must also really like the idea that this game represents. For there is very little else that would cause one to spend time talking while playing a beta, on their day off.

So I’ve got … yes another 4 videos. Part of me wants to ration them out. Give myself some time to play and relax. But you know what. I’m not a media conglomerate. I’m a fan, and I love fantastic stories. And this one really, has that in spades. But while being completely honest here. *Sets a cup of steaming coffee down on the table, and leans forward.*

This game, is but riding an engine. It’s the software, to be what we want it to be. And what Elemental: War of Magic becomes, is a beautiful skin laid across the sinews and bones of the system. This game will come to life. It’s going to be  a cross between Civilization and a Fantasy game, with a bit more depth as a RPG.

But that’s what the base core system will be. What’s really waiting for us? Mod’s. Let’s say you like the core aspects of the game, but YOU want … Orcs from Warhammer, and Orcs from Lord of the Rings (Uruk-hai), and then splash in some Dark Elves from Warhammer, and Traditional D&D Drow. And.. hell why stop there, what about dragonborn/lizardmen. And hell, what about the Undead forces. And the Gods of Chaos. While, you then add in the Darkspawn of Dragon Age: Origins. And a ratman race.. (Long live the Skaven!).

And then blend it all together, into factions that you can modify, and then build for each faction, their races, and specials. All so you can play a different style of Elemental: The Awakening.

What’s the point, of what I”m saying? That people’s imaginations, are waiting to be unlocked. And new gameplay styles will be built. Sure, buying Elemental: War of Magic is the first step. But what you’re really getting… a future game with unlimited potential. And to be further up front with you. I think once the larger companies out there see what an indie developer can do. And create a new IP. But one with an open ended reality. That we’ll see not just mod’s. But IP specific approved Mod’s. And these companies will be able to do it considerably cheaper now with this games frame just waiting to be reanimated.

Okay, here’s an example. Imagine someone wanted to build a Steampunk game universe, or a grittier steam/magica world. Say something like the Privateer Press developed,  Iron Kingdoms, or even a take on “Warmachine”. Well you would very likely see some friendly fan made mod’s that simulate stuff similar to it. But… I would take it a step further, and propose your almost more likely to see a collaboration between the two companies. As they build a living breathing gameworld all off of the back of Elemental: War of Magic. It’s visionary and revolutionary.

And then a new market unlocks for people to get into. See Privateer Press has made great headway in to tabletop wargames, and a good attempt into RPG’s with their Iron Kingdoms world. But… imagine that company that could unlock a floodgate into the virtual market, without selling their souls to some faceless monstrosity. They could begin working with Stardock about translating their game … into the Elemental: system.

Hell even the french game of Confrontation. Confrontation Could be opened to a new market. Like Games Workshop did.

Basically.. the engine is incredibly powerful. And it does an exceptional job as a gaming story telling engine. So… Elemental: War of Magic. Is the first step. It’s going to be their base attempt at creating their own living IP. And, then they made it so we could mod in our own fun, based upon their legwork. But… history shows, these guys put their heart and soul into game creation. And this is most certainly no exception. The greatest work was creating the engine. The rest of this will be us getting to play a game that “They” themselves want to play. And I for one look forward to a game that doesn’t think I’m an idiot. And it’s only going to get much better down the road.

Anyhow, after all that… here’s some videos. 4 new ones. (And since I love my disclaimer. If you watch the video and it’s not in 1080p HD, give it a little while once they process them, they all end up in that format!)

(And as usual, check back if they haven’t been fully processed yet.)


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3 Responses to It is always the darkest before the dawn. Unleash the Giant Rock spider! Beware comrade at arms, it transforms!

  1. DanM says:

    In regards to your village idea: I think the implementation of such a system would be an great way to specialize cities. You could set up trading posts in great trade hubs (perhaps along roads), you could set up workshops for production (perhaps on hills), magical towers for spell research, etc. I know Stardock has been looking into ways to specialize cities and your idea would be an interesting way to do it. It would make raiding these villages a worthwhile effort for enemies as it would severely limit a city’s potential.

  2. Daniel says:

    Nice videos gorstagg, good commentary and good idea’s.

    Keep it coming 🙂

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