Swan Dive into the best night of your life. And while there, play with some new Elemental footage!

Hello ladies,

And guys too. Welcome back. So after much work on the part of Stardock, they finally leveled up and unlocked the door to Elemental: War of Magic, 3B.

This contains the brand new tactical battles, decent diplomacy will be involved.. bugs, and glitches to boot.

And I can really say finally.. after playing.. “Just one more Turn!” it’s starting to really become fun. That’s not to say that there isn’t things they’ll need to serious improve upon by release. And for what I’ve seen in the Tactical battles (Which I’ve succeeded at a few times, though not in the footage so far.) They need some very serious love. Very serious love. As they stand right now… it will get some serious derision from many people. And to be fully honest, I don’t know how much of it were seeing right now.. for the beta and I’m okay with that.

My feelings on the Tactical stuff is that they’ll need to make the maps bigger, probably use an interesting Tactics Points system (roll a dice vs your opponent, if you win, you receive x number of Tactic points, to spend on your units for their turn. Going back and forth between each side till they are out of points. Then roll again and repeat, winner chooses to go first or not, and what not.) In general.. I’m not terribly worried right now. Brad and the other Stardock designers, realize the interest level and how it’s 2010, not 1982. There have been significant gameplay evolutions since the old days. New ideas, new concepts. Literally gaming in the modern age has serious grown up. Expectations of depth in tactics, and strategy abound. Almost to the point of pure necessity. But also because they open so many doors for fun. Intuitive, and deep are the hallmarks of things that you constantly hear from the Penny Arcade guys. If you’ve ever listened to them, they go on and on about how a game that is intuitive, and has a cerebral component that pulls you in. They can’t stay away from. Myself, I hope this game get’s their attention, and they give it a shot down the road. Cause, they are D&D players.. they are gamers to the core.. and here is a fantasy fracking civilization … with the onion waiting to be peeled.

Anyhow.. enough of that. Here are 3 new videos, coming up to 30 minutes or so. (Oh and for the record… to date I’ve produced, excluding anything for Beta 3B… 6 hours, 37 minutes, and 59 seconds of videos. And I’ve come a LONG way since the earlier ones before I learned how to put this all together. But yeah.. 6h.37m.59s of my life. But this time others whom I’ve never met, got to enjoy the fruits! Yay! Now.. I just need to find a voice acting/announcing job, and I could finally level up in life too!)

(I’ll discuss leveling up in life at another time. That’s for another interesting philosophical digression.)

Now.. Videos! (Remember give them time and they’ll be in 1080p HD!)


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One Response to Swan Dive into the best night of your life. And while there, play with some new Elemental footage!

  1. druduss says:

    “My feelings on the Tactical stuff is that they’ll need to make the maps bigger”

    I can’t agree with you, if you ever played Age of Wonder 2, you should understand me. In Age of Wonder 2, you have to move like 2-3 turns before fighting, it’s a bit boring. When i get into a tactical battle I want to fight immediatly, even if it’s a spider and i got a big army. I don’t want to let the computer resolve the fight, I want to do all fights !

    “6 hours, 37 minutes, and 59 seconds of videos. ”

    Congratulations ! ^^
    You know you have a voice close to (personal opinion) Chris Tailor ? (watch here to hear him : http://gaspowered.com/kingsandcastles/)

    Well, again, thanks for the video.

    Can you show us how to create a Race/Faction ? In the journal they said they change it.

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