In the night I summoned Giants from the plane of Fire.

Hello folks,

I had a good evening last night. Got to play some D&D 4th edition with my regular gaming group. We had a blast, and those fights were quite entertaining. Let’s see, what else. We talked about movies, and what video games we were playing, the usual conversation for WoW for some of them, Elemental and my beta-testing it, and their comments about the videos, a few of them were playing APB. And that one sounds interesting, but I’ll wait to give it more time, as I’ve not heard really great reviews as of yet. And I don’t want to get hit by another Star Trek Online, a game that felt really rushed, and one they didn’t have a real good clue about what to do when it went live. (Not saying it wasn’t fun at times, but the repetition, was disheartening.)

Let’s see I also watched another episode of True Blood. It was decent. Hmm what else, ah also watched a show called Shinjuku Incident with Jackie Chan. I’m not sure if it was a matter of the style of film and storytelling method that just didn’t grab me, or if it was just not great. But I was left at the end of the film with a 2.25 out of 5 feeling. Like I wouldn’t watch it again, but I didn’t really dislike it. But overall, it wasn’t good.

Back to D&D we got our characters going through the Scale of War campaign up to 8th level last night. Good stuff.

And now for those who like Elemental. Here are… s e v e n  new videos.. including a Tactical battle, and a sovereign creation video for those who haven’t seen that part again, and for those who have, this includes the new racial factions to build.

So here’s another hour of videos to enjoy. (As always, give them some time to fully process to get them up to 1080p HD.)

Tactical Battle

Sovereign Creation.

And on that note, there is the possibility tonight we’ll get Beta 3C. If they’ve been able to get the tactical battle updated and adjusted as indicated may happen by Brad. Myself, I can tell you with full honesty. That once they get it tweaked, tactical battles are something that I consider to be crucial to the gameplay. Can it be played without it? Sure. In 2010 will it require games with a decent but robust tactical battle? You betcha. But my faith in Stardock has not wavered one iota. And neither should you worry.

So Hello Ladies, have a good day. And Summon a War Ghoul!


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