And lo I did stand there and see the line of my ancestors …

So, we’ve got a brand new update for Elemental. It’s updated to version 3C now .92. They’ve fixed a few problems that surfaced like being unable to load a game and use the resources there.

And I’ve been filming new stuff for you all. I’ll have a big update of videos for a bit later. I am still getting a bug or two with the tactical battles. But I’ve posted my info over on their beta forum and hopefully that information will help them solve the problem so we can use the tactical battles and I can then in turn show you them.


As an aside, I went and saw Inception tonight. Great movie. I would give it 4 out of 5. And coming from me, and me being a real critic of films, that’s very high praise indeed. It was really good. And all I can say without giving anything away… it’s a great sci-fi thriller that doesn’t let up until the very end. But doesn’t feel pointless, and also doesn’t talk down to you or make idiotic assumptions about your intelligence. Very good film, and one I would actually recommend someone spending some time watching.

And now.. back to more Elemental!


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