Skies of the Crimson Night, adorned and awash in its ruby light.

Well I’m awake.

I hear some italian sausage cooking in the other room. (Runs off to flip the meat, to avoid the burning.) (Returns to catalog the ideas…)

So I’ve got 3 more videos for you. Another half hour of enjoyment to spread before your dinner palette. (They’ll be in 1080p HD in a short time.)

The last one, 8 is a shout out to those who are concerned about the status of the game, and a general hello to my visitors, from abroad. And were hearing about the final stages (not in the videos) of the beta testing. They are going to be moving on to #4. Which is supposed to be the final one. This one just deals with the mod tools. And that they are anticipating that those beta-testers will be getting the first look at Impulse: Reactor.

Just have a note… I really personally like that Stardock puts out their games with no DRM. Their version of DRM is to support the games LONG after folks expect it. By putting out must have patches that include so many things that they’ve had a chance to enhance, an turn into gold. I don’t know how many of you remember Gal Civ 2. But that game came a long way from day 0, to what it is now.  And Stardock has some serious plans. With even release day where we go to version 1.01. That is going to be another 2 weeks worth of developmental polish.

So to you.. I say enjoy the fresh piping hot videos.


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