Thrust each hand into the fires of pure arcane energy, he pull forth the object of his desire from the crucible.


I’ve got another 30 minutes worth of videos coming along. And I wanted to say the folks coming on over from Wargamer, welcome take a look around, glad to have ya visit. As an aside, the game will be available on August 24th, 2010. This game has come a LONG way from it’s earlier roots, and I can tell you right now. I would really like to be playing the game, but I’m working on getting these videos up for you all.

But let me tell ya.. in full truth.. I’m having fun playing right now. Yeah there are a few bugs, and a few things that are still acting as placeholders. But they’ve got an army of developers over there waiting to put all the right stuff in. And not have to worry about a previous iteration, or the beta that’s generations behind the full game. In no less than 2 days they put out another full version of the beta with many updates and changes, and fixes. And it’s fun. Even with stuff not all functioning right now. I’m having a blast, I’m having to keep armies/rangers searching the woods for monsters, cause if they go to long they wipe out your cities and your caravans. So the new videos will be up later today. And I welcome everyone to come on in.

Funny note, something odd I saw was that someone named themself gorgstagg… well whatever makes folks tick!

And to you I bring 5 new videos. As usual give them a few minutes to process and they’ll be in 1080p HD. And I can’t express how good this game is starting to finally feel. No joke, greatness is being wrought before our very eyes.

This last one here there be Archers. But also… a fun glitch at the end!


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One Response to Thrust each hand into the fires of pure arcane energy, he pull forth the object of his desire from the crucible.

  1. David W says:

    Excellent work Gorstagg. I’m with you on the steak and potatoes, but crunchy vegetables?
    Nooo.. you want those babies overcooked if anything so they’ll melt in your mouth. Just sayin’.

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