Elemental is Rubies.

Livewire Mountain Dew, Vodka, and time on my hands.

And a new video for Elemental: War of Magic, Beta 3C. Kyran 10.

So 10 minutes of footage of Elemental Beta 3C. And the last one I’ll do for that version of the beta. As I mention in the video, I’ve been quite busy, but in this case it’s also a by-product of when I did have free time. I realized, as I’ve come to the urge state. And I had very little urge to continue with this version of the beta. And it’s not because it’s bad. Far from it. But because I’m craving the real release. The state where it is no longer a rough chunk of carbuncle. But molts, and as it sheds it’s crystalline layers, it becomes more refined, and stronger, and ultimately it is being honed, and crafted into a diamond, of such brilliance and specular power that all who will behold it shall feel as if in the presence of an angelic host.

So what are they bringing to us in Beta 4? Well quite a bit actually. A significant amount of polish, and things being tuned into the musculature of the golem of which we’ve been participating in it’s testing and structure, yet almost like antibodies attacking an infection. Looking for the failures within the system that will compromise the host. We are a virtual defense against poorly functioning systems and their fun quotient.

My personal expectations… for when it goes into the wild, a colossal who’s mighty steps we all will feel. I’ll be making a LOT of things for “My” mod. The things that pertain to my stories. Sure it’ll bear the undercarriage of Elemental. But I’ll be replicating the gameworld of my mind, in such a way as to present a story. And in truth, a lot of it will be factions, and thus specific to my world, and setting, I’ve got thousands and thousands of years of gameworld history to work with. Though I’ll be focusing specifically on the more current age. But once I get this done, it’s going to be interesting to play … in my world. And I can’t wait for all the work of the other modders out there to also learn from and utilize their experience via testing their mods, and see what works, and what doesn’t. I’ll be making quests as they exist in my gameworld. A place that only my friends who’ve been gaming there, have ever gotten to witness. And when it’s all done, others will begin to get a glimpse.

And then think about this. Elemental: War of Magic, is Brad’s dream. And he’s providing US with the pathways to make our own come true if we but have the ambition and drive to see it through to fruition.

As an aside, the way my mind works, is.. as I’m crafting a series of words, with the thoughts flowing to fill in the answers, something occurs, and a word often falls into place. Simply because it is the right answer for that which I seek but surprisingly at times, I forget the exact meaning and definition. For example, I knew carbuncle was a precious stone. But seeking out the definition, I find that the word is considered obsolete for that purpose. Such as my sagacious wit, calls upon my sagacity to answer a question. And it just reaches into the dustbin of memory and finds the right answers. At times I find it strange, and at the same time normal. My erudite phraseology often feels correct, and proper. Yet at times in actual conversation, I find those whom I’m in discussion with perplexed.

It doesn’t happen all the time that they are unprepared for the way my mind thinks, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had people tell me to dumb it down. Speak more plainly. Because it confuses them. And I’m not saying this as a pretentious know-it-all but simply because it’s hard for me to think in terms that are “Easier”.

Through this process, I’ve come to the personal conclusion, that I “NEED” to do more. I need to level up in life. I need to be doing that which makes me happy. But also that which I’m truly talented at. I’ve got a voice that is magnetic in it’s quality. That has never been in doubt. I just need to find a way, and make it a reality, to utilize this rare gift. I don’t know how to fully go about it yet, or know what big break will occur to make that realization happen. But I do feel it is coming. Like the prescience of an oracle. I can feel it’s ethereal tendrils, mistlike in appearance, slowly connecting from myself, out into the world. The door is unlocking, and somehow I’ll get through it. I feel it. I just don’t know how it will occur. That is veiled in an umbral shadow, who’s wispy vagaries bely the eternal Stygian darkness, that surrounds us all but few are ever able to make it into the plenary plane of unadulterated freedom.

Take these ladies, they’ve adapted to the new delivery method of self built awareness.

Lauren O’Connell has a great voice, and has the tools (instruments and determination) to achieve her dreams as it were. She’s formed a pairing with her friend Nataly Dawn. And they make incredible music. And they did it as independents. In the modern age. By their own hands. That’s just impressive. How often do you come across something like that? Random chance, brought them into my orbit, and now I share it with you. Those tenebrous coils that pull and connect all of us. So who knows, what action will take you and I to the next “Level”. I don’t. But I do ever enjoy their limitless possibilities.

Really, look at Penny Arcade. Who know’s the next change that will take you from where you are right now. To where you will be in 5 years.

But.. as they say.. I look forward to the journey. And again.. as always I’ll be making more videos.. hehe.. I’m going to be doing a few specific ones instead of just the usual gameplay. Partly because in truth, we’ll have more to be able to share with you. So as Jason and Grant from “Ghosthunters” says.. On to the next one!

(Seriously, plumbers who investigate and debunk, the paranormal. Tendrils. Those guys just rock. And as someone who’s had many personal paranormal experiences when I was younger.. those guys are great. And so is their show.)


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