Elemental Emerald Factory, goes in rough and fugly, comes out nice and shiny!

Hello, Insert Witty banter here.

Requisite smile elicited here.

Joyous occasion hinted at here. (New videos of Elemental for your… appetites.)

Let us see. I put some time into the Elemental Beta 4. And let me tell you.. FUN. And you get to watch me try to decipher things as I explore the assets.

So.. I’ve got 4 new videos, totaling about 30 minutes of the modding tools and experiencing all that is new in Beta 4.

Impressive is kinda the understatement. As an aside, after the last video working on the map editor, I ended up spending another half an hour in there, working on building a world map. And let me tell you… fun! I get to place the resources as I think they would be found. Placing trees, and mountains and swamps. (I’m still working on the rivers yet.. but soon.)

Having access to these tools.. though.. wow. It’s truly a case of us building our OWN Dreams. (Standing clap for the developers and designers, coders and all the others who’ve worked on this game… A frakkin’ mazing.)

As always give YouTube some time to process the videos. When they are all done they’ll be in 1080p HD, for those who like that high definition clarity.

(Now back to the game before work, must continue to build my world map.. Oh yeah..! And welcome visitors from Neoseeker checking out the videos today. We’ll have many more for you in the coming days. And by we, I mean me. ;))


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