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An honest personal Elemental opinion

My thoughts on Elemental. The opening… A week after release, and good bit of time put into the game. And I’ve come to a general conclusion. The game has a gigantic amount of potential. It’s potential to present games of a … Continue reading

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Some days… it is just about a girl..

Non-elemental post.. (they happen.. and will happen more frequently.. as thoughts unbridle within my mind..) But today.. for me it was about a girl. The catharsis of time and a reconnection to friends back east, and a messy gaming room.. … Continue reading

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The Faege eats lesser heroes!

New Elemental Goodness to your eyeballs. 2 new videos, give them time as always to be up in 1080p HD. The second video (#4) has lots of mod related info and some interesting battles to look at. And this 1.06.019 … Continue reading

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It’s an Elemental World…

So I’m working on converting some videos for you to watch, of the real game at play. In the mean time till it’s ready here is a video that can help change our world. And a note about Elemental. This … Continue reading

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With a smile, I wink, fate swoon’s.

Just something for your eyes to feast upon and an aural onslaught of the unexpected.

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Da ting’s uff no tuh.

No that’s not dating’s uffnotuh. It’s The things of note. Anyhow, let’s see.. did you hear that Elemental War of Magic goes live on August 24th, 2010. (And if you preorder before the 23rd, you’ll get access to the gold … Continue reading

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World Tested, hell approved.

So I did a quick test of my 14×14 super world map still using the Beta 4 version. It took a while to build and load up. And for some reason it kept adding multiple resources, beyond what I had … Continue reading

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