Battle Plans are fluid, and one must adjust.

Today, I’ll be busy, running a D&D session tonight. Should be quite interesting, as the Tide of the Risen Nemesis, has followed the trail of a band of the Shadow Claws. A heretic sect of militant worshippers of Tebrea (Goddess of the Night). After last week they were travelling to visit a Sage of power, who would give them insight into a demonic entity, that had corrupted one of the characters in her previous life.

On the way they encountered what was the remnants of slaughter, and maiming and went toe to toe with these vicious slayers, and eventually won the day. But then found out that a person of importance within the Tolaathan empire had been captured and was to be sacrificed… so off they went to save her. And are just on the outskirts of an encampment they believe to be the one they seek.

So for that, I’m going to hit the sack to get up and run the session later tonight.

In the mean time, I’m leaving you with a video to put a smile on your face. (Oh and just remember. 13.7 billion years ago, at the dawn of our current universe, an event happened that caused the formations of the trillions of stars and galaxies that we can currently see, to spread forth, and from out of all of those infinite variables, our solar system came together, and in that solar system, life came to being, and out of all the infinite combinations and variables, you came to exist, in this moment, and at this time. When people ask for miracles, just consider the very one that allowed you to breath oxygen, and walk on land under a small yellow star, and the technology to read these very words, and in a second to see this video. That is an awesome thought.)

And I’m guessing Thursday I should have some new videos of the gameplay involving my gigantic map.


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