Hello Scissors, and running we go!

Just a note, been busier than I anticipated today. So no new videos to put up tonight. But I’ll get something up soonish.

Now, I’m back to looking at trying to avoid weird driveby Java/JS exploit malware attacks. As I had it hit me again this time while I was visiting a gamer website looking at a preview of a game. Those authors of said exploit attacks where they try to force you to buy an antivirus program.. inspire such dark thoughts in me that it would be good for them to never meet me, irregardless of whether it’s a dark alley or a bright light in a crowded place. And the only way to avoid those damn things is to have to do a system restore. Let’s just say, they wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

And seriously, what is it with antivirus programs not catching these damn js exploits before they run?


About gorstagg

Life long gamer.
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