Molded Plastic, cardboard detritus, theoretical solutions to problems from days ago, possible.

Hey all,

Just a mundane note, that I got some stuff accomplished this morning, bought a couple of shelves for the kitchen, (plastic quick and easy put together version). Did some rearranging, fixed some annoying issues in the kitchen. Not satisfied 100% by that yet, but the open visibility of the shelves does elicit a better eye view of things like wines and snacks.

So yay on that front.

Another front, from yesterday.

Encountered a Javascript malware JS attack that happened when I was watching a new video over at gametrailers. And with all those ad’s that place runs, they can’t scour every ad that runs through their place. So, every now and then were all bound to get hit by these types of attacks.

What type? Oh the kind that start downloading something and showing itself as a screen of Java, like it’s going to open a document. Then nothing happens for about 20 minutes. Then… WHAM.. a screen pops up telling you that you may be at risk for infection.. but by that time you’ve already been hit. And these things mess up peoples days. And for the less tech savvy can be devastating.

But I’ve seen this particular version now in several places over the last 6 months. It’s hit several computers at work, and several of our work at homes. And myself, I’ve now been hit twice. Once while reading a business website after following a link at Digg. And then yesterday when I got snagged by the one while watching the new preview of Elemental War of Magic with Brad Wardell talking during it.

So here’s the quick solution… you will NEED to do a system restore to an earlier day, and if you don’t have it doing that daily.. START!. And the ONLY way to really do it safely is to restart your computer, but when you see the black screen loading up, hit F8. From there, you need to choose Safe Mode, then when that pops up, choose do a System Restore, to an earlier day. From there, choose a couple days back, 2 or three depending on when you got hit… and let it do it’s thing. Once that’s done, you’ll be good to go. Unless it pops up immediately again, in that case, repeat the process but go back a few days earlier, till it stops frakking with you.

Now… the preventative measures. 1st.

  1. Start -> Control Panel -> Double click the Java
  2. When it opens up, go to the Advanced Tab on the far right.
  3. Then go down to Miscellaneous, -> Uncheck the Java Quickstarter.
  4. Then click apply, okay. And that 1st step is done.

Next, dealing with Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Open up your Adobe Reader
  2. Then click on Edit – > Preferences.
  3. Click on Java script, then Uncheck Enable Javascript.
  4. Click Okay, and close it out.

Once that is done, you’ve pretty much disabled Java unless you specifically want it running.

Now that’s what works for Windows XP. But should also do something similar in Vista, and I’m guessing Win 7. Personal Disclaimer: These are personal experiences, and may not work for everyone. So as always with all things you do so at your own risk. (Though that sounds worse than it is, turning off things that can be opened up for driveby Frakking up your day, is pretty much why you would do this in the first place.)

And for the record, a co-worker of mine got hit by this again like last week. It was the second time it happened to her, because the first time, the idiot cable people at the company she deals with for IT didn’t tell her what I did just up there, about system restore. And she lost everything on her comp when they helped her (vague part about help.. my guess was reformatting her hard drive and reinstalling windows.), when I walked her through the System Restore option, she was back up and taking calls within 20 minutes.

So.. hopefully some of this will help some of you one day. Or at least give you alternatives to solutions if necessary.


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