A Galaxy Rise…

Sorry for no major Elemental Updates. Been busy this week. I’m gonna try to run my map tonight, and see how it works. Though I’m gonna try something first before hand, I’m gonna try to make some new factions, and see how they turn out.


As an aside, my step-dad is in the hospital again. Dealing with an internal bleed that they have to find in order to keep him going. The only problem is he’s in CHF, and has bad COPD. And is not a candidate for surgery. And refuses to be put on a ventilator. Because he doesn’t want to get stuck on it. So now the elegant truth is they’ve got to explore the non-invasive measures to see if they can find a way to identify where the GI bleed is, and whether they can repair it.

Realistically, this is a pretty bad situation. Because he’s losing too many units of blood each night. And it’s not like they can send him home and to come back every few days for a transfusion. So unless they can find it and fix it without the surgery. He’s very probably going to die. Based upon conversations with my sister. And the information she had at the time of the conversation we held. Now mind you, he’s a mutant like myself, in that we can withstand great physical pressures on our bodies, that would drop people with lesser constitutions.

So that being said, I don’t know. I’ll be talking with him again in the morning. But by the same token, I also accept that his time may be coming very near. And I can accept it. We all die. No one get’s out alive. But we all get what we need when we need it. And there are lessons that we can learn from everything. Good. Bad. Whatever. I still feel in his case he’s got more time under his belt before he’s going to go.

In life there are no bonus points. There’s your time here, and your after effects. My Step-Dad, who I call Dad, has lead an interesting life. He and I didn’t work out well when I was younger. And it took until I was about 23-24 before I was finally able to make peace with him over our past. Some of my old friends who remember those years, still do not like or care for him. But I’m at peace with all the events. In many cases he was just trying to make me into a man. But he did it in a way that he only knew how to do. And that was the way he was raised, and well that wasn’t a healthy way.

I forgave him many years ago. And to be honest with you. I’m very glad I did. Because I got to have more years now with a healthy relationship, than I did with the horrible one. So, Dad I love you. You’ll be fine.


D&D last night was kinda funny, it was pretty much pure roleplaying, but we didn’t get a whole hell of a lot done. Pretty much due to consuming some Rum & Dr. Pepper. While also trying some different wines, which I’ve come to the conclusion, they all (being wines)  just suck compared to soda. So I had my bi or tri-yearly drinkfest yesterday.. (all before hearing from Sissy).. and I admit I did get a heavy buzz, with a light-headed feeling experience. But we did get a bit done for roleplaying even though it was a shorter session due to the wine, folks arriving late, general chattiness, conversations about Dad, and what not. But it felt like we got a bit done. (Searching out clues to finding out something about weirdness with Priests, and one of them at least being possessed.)

My favorite phrase from last night. “I am Za’tai, Champion of Zur’aal and the Shadow of Death!” While raising my arms up as if to the sky. With a passive Intimidate of 28, it scared the heck out of the possessor who fled the body, but that caused the High Priestess of the God of Death, to fall dead.  (Pretty funny that whole situation. But then again the priestess was apparently called home to deity when it was needed.)

Anyhow.. I’ll chat with y’all here later. And when I get some video’s made up I’ll post them.

And remember. A still more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunrise, but a Galaxy Rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns. The rising of the Milky Way.

(Our universe is the definition of the word Awesome.)


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