World Tested, hell approved.

So I did a quick test of my 14×14 super world map still using the Beta 4 version.

It took a while to build and load up. And for some reason it kept adding multiple resources, beyond what I had initially built for the area that I keep getting sent to.

So in theory it works. Will have to give it some time to tweak it. And with the game coming out in 11 days, it’s probably just not worth it to justify. (Then again.. I get crazy about things like this so I could have a whole new thing going on..)

As an aside, I ended up picking up that Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising expansion pack. SO far it’s pretty good. I have to say the roleplaying portion of it for me, is where the money is at. Sure there’s an RTS to play too.. but the single story is some really fun and compelling stuff. Then there’s the Last Stand mode, where you level up your individual champions.. and that turned into a lot of fun even if only for a little while.

More stuff in the future coming up. Again you can search for my stuff on youtube, by my user name, Gorstagg. Oh and to answer a question that was posed recently.. I intend to do videos for the game once it has gone live as well!

Fun we will have!


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Life long gamer.
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