Da ting’s uff no tuh.

No that’s not dating’s uffnotuh. It’s The things of note.

Anyhow, let’s see.. did you hear that Elemental War of Magic goes live on August 24th, 2010. (And if you preorder before the 23rd, you’ll get access to the gold version of the game, a day earlier! As a reward!)

And remember on launch day itself it’s gonna be the awesomesauce, when you update it to the Day 0 upgrades, which is what they are still working on right now. We are experiencing a great game being launched, and you’ll be looking back and talking fondly about it 15 years from now. Mark my words.

Things of note…

Dad is out of the hospital, had to stay there a week, but is out now. No so far they don’t know what was causing his bloodloss. But he’s doing well at this time, and for whatever reason his breathing is doing much better… (actually part of the reason is that he’s got healthy blood levels to carry the oxygen but yeah..)

Okay so Yay, Dad’s home again. Looking forward to going home this December to visit the familia italiano!

Hmmm let’s see what else.. ah yes this weekend I ended up catching 4 movies. 2 in the Theatres, 2 on Netflix.

Harakiri – Solid 4 out of 5. Fantastic story that really goes to show, how those who care more about appearances, and forming the status quo at the cost of humanity, will go to great lengths to ignore their moral responsibilities. Seriously, great story. It honestly reminded me of those people who show no compassion for their fellow humans. (Must avoid political comments about … just must avoid if I have nothing nice to say at this time, which I do not. And it’s not an issue with Liberals.. but.. shutting up on this subject for now.) This was watched from Netflix. Good movie, and very well done. I was very impressed.

Expendables. 3 out of 5. Very much a cockrocket movie! All big name bad asses, with an 80’s flair for explosions. Fun to see with friends. More a matinee film for 5 bucks if you can find one. But still a fun throwback to the 80’s. Though I have to say the actors in this movie did a pretty damn good job of actually acting. (Within their ranges at least for some of them.)

Next two Michael Cera movies. Or at least movies with him in it.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. 4 out of 5. This movie caters to a specific venn diagram of interlapping interests. But I found it was very fun to watch. I liked the actors in it, and the music was friggin awesome, I was doing a lot of seat dancing, head bobbing. And I really enjoyed the game references throughout the movie, and how they came across as combats from things like Street Fighter and others. (Also loved the effects of the Vegan. That was pretty bad ass!) For people who don’t have a lot of nostalgia for games of the computer/video game world.. well this movie might only be a 3 or so out of 5 for them. But for me.. great film!

And last, The Trouble of Youth. It was a movie, 2.75 out of 5. Enough that seeing it once was good enough, and have no interested in seeing it again. Interesting story, and I did like the part about a supplementary personality. It’s like roleplaying.. and therefore fun. The rest of it, not that big a deal..

Let’s see what else.. ah..

I’ve been playing Dawn of War 2 – Chaos Rising recently. Playing the Last Stand stuff.. and having quite a bit of fun. (Note as I’m writing this, O Fortuna by Therion is playing.. which sounds like the carmina burana o fortuna, which it apparently is.. hehe.. but this version is pretty good.)

Anyways, having fun with Dawn of War 2, can’t wait for Elemental.

Other things of note…

My Wednesday night D&D session got hit by a couple who need to step back to get stuff done through their week, and it’s just not working out for their participation at this time. Stuff happens, but at this point with their loss, it’s a gigantic hole the game. So I’m evaluating how I want to proceed or even if I want to. As it required a LOT of work to get things rolling on the computer, with tech and what not. Mind you as I do for many things, I was building the blocks for easy reuse. But the loss of two main players, puts a big kink in it.

Hmm Oh yeah, here’s more stuff.. I really put it to my players about collaborative storytelling with our gaming, and after pushing this concept a bit this Sunday, we had a fantastic D&D session. People started to really get into the idea of being actively taking part in the story. From the DM asking, on your way back to the barracks, describe something that stood out on the trip back. And players really got into it. This is the type of thing I’ve been really trying to get from the players for a long time, but this time I included specific example types from the DMG 2 (4th Edition). And really pushing the concepts within that we are all taking part in it. Which reminds me gotta post something about an idea later for them.

Okay.. guess that covers stuff for a moment.. Oh and if I hadn’t indicated, I’ll be doing some new Elemental videos. From The Gold version. So I’ll be posting them sometime on Monday, so look out for them as I get my hands on the game!!!


Just a side note, I’ve found myself coming back into myself again.. not so much aware that I was gone, but going back to being outgoing and funny more openly. All things being equal, yay!


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2 Responses to Da ting’s uff no tuh.

  1. Jay says:

    Glad your dad is ok! Can’t wait for Elemental Release!

  2. gorstagg says:

    You and Me both! On Both!

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