It’s an Elemental World…

So I’m working on converting some videos for you to watch, of the real game at play.

In the mean time till it’s ready here is a video that can help change our world.

And a note about Elemental. This is version 1.00, a little past full on Gold 1.00 and without all the special tweaks for the 1.01 version coming out on Tuesday. But make no mistake.. this IS the real deal.

And it’s a lot of fun. (Mind you every so often I’m still getting white screens at tactical battles. But I suspect they’ll get that wiped out shortly with a larger pool of people reporting the problem.)

But battles are fun, and I can see everything I anticipated coming to fruition. Oh and this game I’m playing is using the mods I put in place, for extra minor factions to encounter and interact with!


New update

Here are two videos, as always give them time to process and they’ll be available in 1080p HD.


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One Response to It’s an Elemental World…

  1. jon evers says:

    hi i love your’e videos of elemental,im a long time gamer also and was wondering is this game something like age of wonders shadow magic, i have heard yes and no thanks for your’e reply jon

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