The Faege eats lesser heroes!

New Elemental Goodness to your eyeballs.

2 new videos, give them time as always to be up in 1080p HD. The second video (#4) has lots of mod related info and some interesting battles to look at. And this 1.06.019 version is mucho stable. (For me.)

As I expected from the beta, modding will be the future of this game. And Stardock is going to be supporting this game for years. Now I just need some 3D modelers to provide me with tons of different models.. like Orcs, (Uruk-Hai, and Da Boyz from Warhammer… and all the races from Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and then while they are at it, I also want models from Confrontation.. and Warmachine, and Hordes.. and tons of traditional D&D monsters..) … just can’t wait till I get my hands on them and we can use them in this game. (Seriously.. we’ll be playing our own games soon enough!!)

So though the Release was rough due to oh, you know that whole someone breaking street dates early again, forcing Stardock to have to rush out updates early.. and then the funnier part reviewers who were reviewing the pre-release versions.. (seriously.. wait a day or two guys so that way we know you’ve been subjected to everything we were.. and this is to the gaming mags/sites).

I’m torn now, the game is so good it’s hard to pull away now.. and I want to draw some maps for my upcoming D&D sessions. Well.. anyhow.. going back to Elemental!


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2 Responses to The Faege eats lesser heroes!

  1. Jay says:

    Yea tell me about it. It pisses me off how ignorant some reviewers were, but you and I both know how good this game really is!! Only issue I have is that I try to approach the game in a diplomatic way and I always get betrayed by ally’s just because my army at the time is weak or sometimes for no reason at all! It really bothers me when you get punishment for doing nothing. I wish they would improve the AI so it isn’t so angry at you so fast for nothing lol

  2. gorstagg says:

    The ignorance of the reviewers bothered me. Not their honest issues. Things not working properly, or all the technical issues people were having. Those are valid. But that they didn’t even take into account Stardock goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting their games. I think a lot of things got rebroken when they pushed out the updates like they did outside of their basic planned schedule.

    But look at it now.. a few days later, and they’ve squashed some serious issues and bugs..

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