Some days… it is just about a girl..

Non-elemental post.. (they happen.. and will happen more frequently.. as thoughts unbridle within my mind..)

But today.. for me it was about a girl. The catharsis of time and a reconnection to friends back east, and a messy gaming room.. well sometimes.. it leads to where it belongs going to.

I just had to talk about it.. and mayhap if such is to be (with the appropriate touching of wood..) it will be. And as far as awareness of bad habits.. things can change, when you finally need them to change. Somedays, I tell ya.. my mind works a thousand concepts a minute, thoughts running and plunging through valleys and peaks, from the lust pits, to the minutiae of love, the stars and their stellar dust and the range of probabilities that resulted in the miracle of everything that we know and so on..

Somedays its like coming out of a fog.. that you didn’t fully know you were in.. something amorphous and nebulous.. that which you did not know.. nor could define.. nor elucidate. But like the sun rising burns away the fog.. that which was waiting ahead from its own path, remerges with the one you’ve been on.

Ai cali eilar jhylaer o eil o eisi tia jhyli malai.


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