Thoughts… and an Inception related video.. I like the music.

Reconciling the dichotomy. I don’t know how. But then no one really does. Having an idea, that by the very nature of events that the door was reopened. Sure. A big part of it is caring. And letting them know. And now they do. And this was something they didn’t apparently know. (Not sure how, but that’s probably a fault of my cerebral cortex) But I do know they didn’t realize the full depths of the emotions. That much is very evident. To my mind, it’s about finding the way to put the perspective of the entire thing in place. Cause I know what once was, can be again, even in a new incarnation. It’s happened throughout history our species. And I have faith it will happen again. This has all happened before for others.

The weather here coinciding completely with my emotions though… almost exactly… was pretty amazing to say the least.


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