Another Firefall thing..

Here’s what I know. From watching the videos of this game so far.

It hit’s all those visceral moments. Beautiful graphics, big mean monsters, it crosses those then with an RPG element, gear, equipment and then indicates that there is a team aspect to it all as well.

That’s like asking me to just jump up for joy. Well truthfully, there are many games that “LOOK” good. But don’t have that thing that pulls me in. Tabula Rasa, looked good. But played like crap. It didn’t feel fun, and really interesting. And to top it off, it just sort of failed to realize what the hell it was supposed to do, for ME the player.

And if you looked at the afteraction reports on that game.. you would find that it makes sense. Because they didn’t know what the hell they were building. They had these ideas, but with the exception of the original language by Lord British.. the game was just an empty shell in my mind.

This game, get’s it. It pulls you in. And gives you a reason… and then when you get to the action at the end.. of the video, that seemed pretty damn good too. So all things considered this is now a game I’m looking forward to.

Now.. if Elemental just get’s it’s act together, and pulls the players in.. and doesn’t let you go… well that’ll be an awesome change of pace. Right now.. Elemental doesn’t do that. I swear some days I wish I could just spend sometime with the developers and try to convince them to put the trappings of fantasy back into the game. And really, really work it out with them. But as far as wishes I’ve got on my plate, if I was left with one.. I’d have to spend it elsewhere.

Well that diverted my mind briefly from thinking about a girl. If there is a way to win a heart, I’m sure it’ll present itself when it needs to be presented.. (sorry random thoughts do this to a guy..)


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