Of the soul and my environment.

I tell ya, when I make changes, to fix problems. I don’t go half assed. (Segue, hopefully Stardock doesn’t either.)

I’m serious about making changes in my life. I’ve committed to joining a gym, and have gone in and started my 5+ times a week exercising jaunt. Had a free health consultation yesterday. And it was a good experience, I got to learn a bit of the science behind aspects of working out. And what I needed to do to really work out for myself. To make some of the better impacts. I’ve got another consultation with the trainer next week. But I’ll be applying this week what I’ve learned.

Though I’m steadily going through my house, cleaning pretty hard core. So it’s like working out, before going to work out. Which I dig to be honest with you.

There are a lot of things happening in my world. And I’m just trying to make the best of them. Some are harder than others, and that’s to be expected.

I’ll let you in on a secret with me and games. I play them for a while and rock them out and have fun. The easier it is for me to delve into the world and feel apart of it.. the better. Right now, with the considerable changes to Elemental coming down the pipe. It’s got me pushed back. Not really ready to jump on yet. And I’ll be honest, I’m a bit surprised.

I think it’s still something with the non-traditional fantasy choices that were made as part of the base game. I think that’s what’s really bothering me, and hindering my ability to just really jump right back in and making up my “Own” world. I think that design decision on their part, will really come back to haunt them long term, in a sense even more so than the catastrophic release they put out. (Really, I knew something wasn’t right when I started playing and experiencing the very same bugs I had reported in beta, that had gone live. And then to read a mea culpa by Brad later, saying they didn’t know about it “The White Battle Screen”.. well dude.. I reported it with pictures and utilizing dropbox, AND in videos.)

But.. knowing that.. it’s got me just in pause mode for Elemental. The game has potential and I’m waiting to see some of it become realized.

Well off to go work out. The gym opens in 18 minutes.. and I’m really ready to go get really sore!


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