What? Me Busy, who said? Well unto thee I say.. verily.

Sorry for the delay in writing, just been very preoccupied of late. That and exercising my butt off at a YMCA is a good thing.

Prepare for some unexpected thoughts.

Okay, not really all that unexpected.

So we all know that I was left very disappointed in Elemental. It failed on way to many fronts. Now, I know it’s a game that once they get a good bit of time to really address it’ll be ready to go and will be a great game to jump right back into. But I’ve got to be honest.. I haven’t done any videos yet for it since my last one. Golden 4.

Because in truth.. with all the changes coming, and things being cleaned up, I don’t want to jump in and learn how to play to only have to go back and yet, once more learn how to play all over again.. and then another patch down the road, makes me do the same thing.

That’s just truth and honesty speaking. And for Elemental, and for all of you, I’m going to just keep doing that.

The truth. I’m in waiting mode for Elemental. Because, they’ve got a lot to do to get that game actually ready. And after pouring tons and tons and tons of time and thought and efforts into helping them come up with something more organic and stronger.. and time after time, it wasn’t really acknowledged. I figure, let’s see what they come up with in a while. Because I’m done putting in my thoughts on the game for a while. I’ve written many dissertations on combat, and unit experience, and leaders, and cities, and the whole damn game. And it just didn’t rock my socks. Like hey, there are tons of great games out there that do aspects of what Elemental was trying to do. And they did it really well but could of always done better. Yet, it was like Elemental settled on mediocrity, and going with as bland a fantasy world as possible. And you know what.. that’s just my opinion. That’s all it is. A frustrated opinion.. but I still have hopes for the game.

But this let’s me segue to a game I got yesterday. Civilization 5.

Okay, I’ve only got a good half hour into the game, and I found myself, just really diving into the game and having a total blast. The world looks beautiful. And I mean beautiful. The one unit per hex thing is a bit off putting, but after a bit.. I’m getting used to it. But the game is really starting to get fun.. Oh and they did a few things that Elemental should of done right on launch. (Not talking about their gorgeous and easy to read and use UI.)

I’m talking about Minor Factions, those are how the minor factions should have been done and actually the way I expected them to be in Elemental. Oh and the home city is able to defend itself without having to garrison troops into it. That’s exactly what should of happened in Elemental. A city has it’s own attack value, and so on, and a ranged attack.

Did I mention the game looks great? I’m looking forward to playing it long term, and it did it right, right out of the gate! (Though the idiotic intro video that you can’t skip unless you go to the preferences files and change it’s value to get the damn thing to stop.. is a bit more aggravating than I realized.)

Though on a note, the game did crash on me a few times already. So on that front it doesn’t beat Elemental. But for the sheer number of cool features in it.. it’s like the game was done right.

So.. grand scheme, I’m really enjoying Civ 5 a lot now. And I would love to see a fantasy version of it already.. to be honest. But I’m not ready to give a score to Civ 5 yet. I’ll do that later. Until then, it’s just a matter of getting in and checking it out more.

Some other notes.. damn today is going to be busy for me.. gotta go work out after work, get breakfast and dinner, and then hit the bank later and be in bed a decent time to wake up and get into a business meeting for an hour 15 minutes, and then enjoy the rest of my night before I have to head back to work. But.. through all of that.. yay! And I hope my friend is feeling better than the other day.

Life is interesting.. events will present themselves in unexpected situations. (Not Jersey Shore situations..) but.. that being said.. if Expectations lead to suffering, and that’s not always good or bad… then you get life. WE all experience it and time is the only factor of things. But having patience, is a good thing.


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4 Responses to What? Me Busy, who said? Well unto thee I say.. verily.

  1. Jay says:

    I was wondering if you got it or not lol.

    What Civ did you start with? And how do you like them?

  2. gorstagg says:

    I started with Civilization, back in the day. The original bad boy. Great game. As a matter of fact, I’ve played every version of it so far. And I am really liking number 5 so far. Including the dramatic changes. But they’ve easily been for the best.

    The Civ series was the original crack of one more turn. Where you start and suddenly you’re running to work cause you had to do.. just one more turn.. sleep is short.. cause.. you guess it.. one more turn.

    The thing I’ve always really wanted to see was a true Fantasy Civ. Now I’ve played that civ 4 mod, Fall from Heaven. And while that was good, it’s still not what I’m looking for. But the idea of a truly Fantasy Civ game still rocks my socks!

  3. Jay says:

    any particular Civilization you like? Germany, America…etc?

  4. gorstagg says:

    Well as I’ve always done, I start off my first game playing as America. And lament that the game doesn’t have a fantasy civ option.. but I like playing as America. Though I’ll be making sure to try them all this time.

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