Wading through time and monsters.

So of late I’ve been in busy mode with games and life.

Played Civilization 5. And really like the game. It’s a LOT of fun. This to me is how the series should progress. (Though I must confess, I keep wanting a Fantasy Civilization game dammit. When will someone really make one.) The only thing I’ve found I dislike for Civ 5 is the ending. It’s so anticlimactic that it almost ruins the game play.

Kinda goes like this. Hours of gameplay, trying hard to outwit the enemy and hope they don’t expand too much and throw their hundred units all at you at once. You survive, and win by a Culture win.

Game over.

That’s it. No cool progress of what you did during the ages, no discussion about how cool you were, or how close the game was. It’s.. here’s some numbers. Fuck you, game over.

It’s so quickly over that it’s jarring. All that effort and they couldn’t even give you the common courtesy of a reach around. Seriously?

Okay.. that’s the only thing that blemishes Civ 5 in my eyes. Great game beyond that.

Still waiting on Elemental, to get some more legs under it and a stronger identity before I devote more time to that game.

Tried Alien Swarm. Free on Steam. And I’ve got to be honest. A lot of fun. The controls take a bit getting used to. But the game is actually fun. It’s a lot of fun for Free no less!

Played the WoW boardgame this last weekend. Took forever to get everyone up to speed on playing. But once we did it got to be a lot of fun.

Life has been presenting me with some rather intriguing experiences. But that’s life, and it’s an amazing concept. That and a genetic algorithm, that I read about over on Io9. That was very neat.


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