Games, Rants, and other things, not involving unicorn horns.

Hey all, long time no visit.

I figure if any of you are like I am. You just check a site every day or every few days for new content, and if there isn’t any, you just check it out later.

So in that case, long time no chats. But it hasn’t been empty for me mind you. I’ve been playing some good software, and other stuffs as well.

Hmm, some thoughts.

Elemental: War of Magic, I think with the upcoming changes and the new direction with the game, it’s starting to draw my interest back towards it again. That’s a good sign, cause I haven’t even touched the game in months. Didn’t feel like being a guinea pig for an incomplete game, in the sense that it was going to change significantly over and over again. But that said, it’s a game I own. And they can fix stuff, and I’ll get the benefits. Because it’s Stardock. They may of put out a game that was WOEFULLY, incomplete, and devoid of what I expected to be there. But.. it’s getting a new life. And that’s a good thing. Stardock put’s up, where others just shut up and shuffle onto new games, or projects or selling themselves out to make a buck. Now if we can just get them to … you know add some fantasy in the vein of the cool game type it’s supposedly modeled after (Masters of Magic). That would make me really happy.

Fallout: New Vegas. I played that game for about 35 hours. And there is a LOT more to do. But I realized as I was playing it, that the pay off’s for accomplishing tasks wasn’t really worth my effort at times. There were some bugs, and in other cases, it just felt empty. Saved the lives and livelihoods of quite a few people, share croppers, and some others. Found a source of radiation and took care of it. But what did I get out of that? Jack Friggin’ Shit. Nothing from the people who’s lives I made viable.

And if you’ve noticed my opinions in other games. Getting a payout that is rewarding is important to my gameplay whether it’s at the end of the game or a damn quest. Hell I could of totally screwed those damn sharecroppers and helped some people trapped, instead I left them trapped and to die. (People I knew vs people I hadn’t met.) And the reward was a notch on my quests list.

Bah.. frakkers.

Okay so that’s why I stopped playing that game for now. Will get back to it when I’m less salty about them teasing rewards, only to put their panties back on. But whatever.


Oh that brings me to some other stuff.

One, I’ve picked up the Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. And just can’t bring myself to play it right now. Cause the team that I would enjoy playing most is just an orc team. Which I was already playing in the Dark Elf Edition. And the other teams just don’t have that solid bashing style and fun, while being as resistant. I may try dwarves, but they move so damn slow. And don’t have any gronks.

I’ll play it later.

Alien Swarm, played it for a while, had fun. Finished a campaign and realized that was all there was to it. Fun but ultimately unfulfilling. Good for a free game.

And that brings me to the changes by The Slumlords of the Coast.

They decided in their ultimate wisdom to release a stinking pile of shit that doesn’t work right away. I’m referring to their idiotic attempt to control the way their customer’s play the damn game. That’s cause they killed the current Character Builder and put it all online.

And the one online, sucks. And I don’t care about their attempts to avoid piracy and to make money. I don’t give a shit. They just seem to make the absolutely worst fucking decisions when it comes to the products they offer. And I don’t cuss very often on my blog. But those guys are fucking idiots and the moron who approved that online only bullshit while keeping us waiting for 3 months for updates, can go fuck off.

I’ve known for a long time that Wizards of the Coast suck when it comes to the digital realm. They have no fucking clue and won’t spend their money to get it done right. Always fucking shit up. Hell they fucked up pdf’s. (Cause you know, the security measures of watermarking worked exactly as designed, and they were able to sue the pirates as a result.) So, them fucking this up is pretty much par for the norm. When will they realize that they could literally create a true evolution of the game and embrace modern times. But no, they think they can offer bullshit and we’ll just keep paying.

I love 4th edition. But it is a beast from a logistical stand point. And having a tool that helps keep all the important pieces in front of you with out having to reprint, and reprint, and reprint the character over and over again. Is.. well modern. But no these fucktards, think it’s all good to just take their ball back home with them, and leave those who’ve used the tool exactly as presented to play their game. I have much more vitriol on this subject as it is. The only saving grace is that I really love this system. I do. It’s smart, simple and let’s me focus on DMing, with some minor groundwork on the monsters, for minor customizations. All good and ready to go. So that the story is the key focus.

But now they just made it more difficult for me as a DM, since they won’t be posting their characters up on our private forums for me to look over and make sure the math is right, and that everything is accurate. (By the way the new CB 2.0 already is still fucked even on math, like you know not adding the enhancement of the item to an attack as an implement.) This shit makes me want to do things that are not rational. Quite simple as that. Because you know what. They aren’t like Stardock. I have NO faith in this company fixing things, or doing it right. Because they have a history of fucking it up. Hell take a look at their Magic the Gathering online presentation. Set’s that are subpar, and not customizable. Because they want you to play THEIR way. Not the way you’ve been doing it all along.

Whomever is in charge over there, at the top is fucking this shit up. And this isn’t some simple nerdrage. I’m tired of shitty dribbles by this Company. But on that note. I’m gonna let it go, and hope that someone wakes them up. Because when a company is done without passion, without a personal appreciation for the product, you get what we get. Decisions that have nothing to do with the betterment for the customer. You get idiotic decisions presented, and then people get let go. And the vicious cycle begin’s anew. And the douche bags at the top, report to their corporate master, who keep the perpetual machine of fuckings coming along.

And you’ve got to know this up front. I LOVE this new edition of D&D. Because they also embraced that it’s a brand new millenium. And now some dickwad thinks it’s alright to go back to 1983 tech. Without making sure everything works right. Fuck that. But now that my rant on this subject for now is done.

I’ll leave you with the knowledge that in life, we get what we need. And we don’t always like what we get, and it maybe a lesson directly for us, or for others. But we needed it for whatever reason. Be it betterment in life, or to avoid fucking up like The Slumlords of the Coast/Hasbro. Or to inspire us to adapt the game mechanics into a homebrew that’ll really let the players just get in and have a blast.

But anyhow. Be safe out there everyone, and have a great day, wonderful week, and a great year. I’ll see you in my next posts.. which I’ll try to do more frequently, as things are starting to become more balanced, now that some ennui is dealt with.


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