The future soars on the wings of imagination

Well going back to the old homestead, to see kith and kin.

And quiet happy for that. I am also in a new relationship, and happy for that as well.

And excited about all of that above.

Hmmm let’s see.. onto some game topics.

Elemental is taking on a new direction, with a stronger codification with Kael coming on board. That’s good, and probably should.. of wait.. not probably.. should of happened much earlier in the year (like January).

I’m not ready to go back in and give it a shot yet, but that’s starting to finally build back up, in the interest department. So… good on that.


Mount & Blade: Warband, well.. I got this for like $10 bucks on Steam, and am incredibly glad I did. It’s a totally open sand box game, that let’s you have interesting fights, and let’s you pursue the concept of being a king, carving out your own lands from the corpses of your neighbors.

Seriously.. lots of fun.. with a bit of a learning curve.



D&D 4th Edition. I’m still angry at the debacle of the Online Character Builder, and decided to not support WotC. See, I kept on playing the game when they fucked up and took away all the .pdf’s. Because I then stopped buying their books. See I wanted them in a digital format, and they wanted to level forests. So I stopped buying them. Next I continued to have a DDI subscription. Even did the yearly sub, but then this year, they decided to fuck up the update schedule for 3 months, and then ripped the entire program out of my hands and put it up online only. So I’m now angry.

Stop telling me how to play the game YOUR way, using it YOUR way. I want it my way. The same damn way I’ve been doing it for 2+ Years. So … okay.. fine.. you want to make sure I don’t support you.. fine.

Now, we’ve got Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition to play.

Yeah I spent more on this stuff in one month than I have D&D 4th edition since they stopped selling .pdf’s. Good job guys, go make me buy a game that’s more about roleplaying, and from everything I can see, looks even more fun, and just as customizable by me.. with my own worlds and classes/careers.

So.. let’s see.. instead of me spending my money to support D&D / WotC / Hasbro.. I put it into another company, and will encourage others to do the same, until you stop fucking us. Cause you know what.. I won’t keep fighting to show people how much fun 4th edition was. I’m done. You’re trying to make me spend a lot of time using your jury rigged piece of shit. No.


About Warhammer FRP 3E
Wow.. what an interesting system. It has interesting bits and bobs, but it’s the mechanics that support good roleplaying, and make non-combat encounters as important as combat ones.. is a huge plus in my book. But we’ll see after a few games are under our belt. But I can say this.. watching everyone work on creating characters this Sunday, was truly impressive and lots of fun. (Though it would of been nice had the rules been written in a consistent fluffless style to make it as easy as possible to explain and understand, without referencing another page to find an answer..)


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