Hmm.. Quick notes.. spawn later posts..

Alright couple of quick notes.

Been playing a few games lately. Been intrigued by one or two and looking forward to another.

Also wanted to say I love my girlfriend, she’s pretty damn awesome, and I really enjoy spending time with her. (It’s true, a man can actually say that for the universe to hear, and it just a statement of fact.)



Played some Demigod, I liked it. Worth $5.

Played Borderlands, and I’ve been enjoying that.. still worth the costs. And I’ve got some friends to play it with so there is that. Good stuff.

Been playing a free game called Bloodline Champions. Just a note. Fun game, but takes a bit to get used to the combat style and the various classes and their various bloodline flavors. Fun, and something I’ll enjoy over the years. Recommended.

Hmm.. irony, saw another great Impulse deal for Icewind Dale 1 complete, and Icewind Dale 2. And well I picked em up, and been playing a little bit of Icewind Dale 2. Personal note.. it’s amazing to be reminded how bad games were built, based upon some predicated system of old. (Just the idea of a wizard standing around doing nothing because of the fear of wasting their spells outside of an important fight..) is really a thing of the past. The idea that you penalize the player of that class with boredom, was in the later stages of 3.5 being erased with the idea of a Warlock, with their eldritch blast that lets them do something every single round without needing a damn crossbow. (Or the old shotgun carrying gandalf cause his powers ran out). And 4E’s everyone should do something Every round that is core to their character class flavor, and mechanics. No bored players.

That.. last part is amazingly important.. just have to state that fact. When I play games now, from rpg’s in the pen and paper real world setting, to some online game, or crpg, or what not. If it doesn’t let the player do something every round, like shoot of a mana bolt without it being some long drawn out process.. then fix it. It’s broken.

Okay.. the other part about my enjoyment of IWD2 (short hand now easier to type).. is that while I despise 3rd edition rules from the old days. The nostalgia of playing a D&D style game is infectious. And fun. Even if the graphics were antiquated in 2002 when the game came out. And now look like something out of an Atari game. But.. besides that digression. I’m finding it to be enjoyable, and fun. Worth the price of nostalgia.

Which leads me to the next big thing that finally unlocked my real interest in an MMO again.

Rift, it’s a game that really lets you build your own playing style within a class. I’ll go more into it later, but I would have to say the stuff in the game is quite interesting. It’s visually attractive without being too over the top bleeding edge, but with a blend say between LORTO & Warhammer & WoW. Maybe shades of EQ2.. but less plastic.

I’m going to put up a few videos of a guy who’s done some beta testing, and you can follow him through the beta as he’s doing it.. it’s a 7 part series. Fun stuff.

Jesse’s Beta 1 Walkthrough video

Jesse’s Beta 2 Walkthrough video

Jesse’s Beta 3 Walkthrough video

I’ll put up more videos later on. This guy is a reviewer for over at Tentonhammer and is entertaining at times.

I can say that I actually found him distracted though a few times, and I kept going.. dude.. you just got a new knife, equip it.. equip it.. open your inventory.. seriously… are you afraid to put on better gear.. and so on. But it’s good stuff.

And if you preorder as an aside there are a few bonuses out there depending on your flavor du jour. I went with Steam, cause I wanted it to be available for download for the hereafter. And a note there is a beta event happening tomorrow (Tuesday 25th – the 28th, at 10am pst.)

Well gotta jet for now, I’ll write up more later. And once I start participating, I’ll put out a few videos of my own I’m guessing.

I hope you all have a great day and totally get what you need! Bright Light to all!


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