Couple thoughts enter the cortex, swirling and flashing

So let’s see…

In but a short time, beta 5 of Rift will open up. And I’ll finally get my first real taste, from character creation to personal play, to the ever entertaining thoughts of names for said characters.

Excitement abounds, and is found truly to be a surprise. (I have had little interest in MMO’s of late. Few could draw me, and finally this one has…)

As an aside..

I got to watch Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Last night.. and again today. Wow.

I must be honest, it felt good to reconnect with those characters, and get a real handle on their origins as it were. And to hear their verbal word play again was like cerebral candy. Watching good actors portray complex emotions and motivations while presenting it as a brutal society that the ancient times were. Is truly endearing. Oh and a good note for my mind, Jed Whedon and his wife Marissa Tancharoen are involved as co-producers. So we’ll continue to see complex motivations as part of the back story for this series.

I do have to admit a certain lamentation for the loss of Andy Whitfield for the role of Spartacus. He really did become to embody the that character, through and through. His loss for this role will be missed.

And now.. back to some Rift videos.. I found a person put up a few zone event style experiences that were going on in an earlier beta.






6 – This video is for character Creation. It sounds like the guy had some mic problems, but it gives you an idea of the game character creation.

And a video for those who want to smile.. from The Guild.. Do you want to date my Avatar.


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