Simple Note.. Dusting the page off…

Hey all,

Just doing a general clearing and am dusting off the old Blog.

Some general notes. Been a long couple months, my Step-father passed away on March 31st, so had to go back home to be with the family during the trying time. Was out there for a while, came back and more or less in a blur, time passed. I then just recently got done with having to report for Jury Duty. That sucked.. having to be awake during the day when I’m a third shifter, and have been for the last 5 years, maintaining that overnight shift pattern during my time off.

But enough about that stuff.. I’ve also been working on a few projects, such as hashing out some ideas for a few board games. And working on making some mechanical changes to the Shadowrun 4 rules. Trying to pare down a few dice, and making the system smoother, more elegant and faster, yet also retain the flair of the game world. But making it more user friendly. It’s coming along pretty smooth, and I think I’ve got a strong handle on that.

Then as far as comp games go, I enjoyed Rift for a while.. hit level 50 and there was nothing else to do, worth my time. So I ended that, I’ve updated my Elemental: War of Magic to the 1.2 version.. but haven’t really dug right in yet. Why? Not sure.. more probably to do with the lack of the really good parts of the fantasy trappings that I’ve come to appreciate. But it’s starting to pop back up on my radar and I will soon be giving it a go again.

Hmm also been working on other things in life, and things are going pretty well. Pulled out some of our old Amtgard gear, (Fantasy LARP), and then made some new weapons, so we could get out there and lay on. That’s been very fun, and quite gratifying. And I’ve been trying to get in touch with the local chapter around here, but haven’t been getting any communication back. (Which is a bit frustrating..).

So over all.. had some rough times lately, but I’ve been trying to focus on a lot of the other things in life. One note.. I really do love my girlfriend. She’s pretty awesome.


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