I’m including what I consider exclusive links here. By exclusive, I mean, they are something that I personally would attest to, from a value stand point and genuine recommendation.

1. Giuseppe’s Pizza. Great food, and I’ve known the owner for over 16 years. He offers very good quality food, at reasonable prices. And goes out of his way to make sure the customers are taken care of.

2. Unseelienchantments. Beautiful pieces of art, created by a South Jersey local. Joyleen Steinen. All of her artwork, be it paintings, to hand crafted jewelry to exquisite unique figurines, are of a very high quality. I highly recommend her, and own pieces of her artwork, that I proudly display.

3. The Source Comics & Games. This is THE premier gaming store in the Twin Cities. These guys are very knowledgeable, about a broad variety of gaming minutiae. They have gaming nights throughout the week, with a different game or series of games being played. I can NOT recommend them strongly enough for your gaming needs. I first found this store when I came to Minnesota, August 27th, 1994. It is right up the street from the HHH Job Corps. And I’ve been visiting there every year, even when I moved a good distance away. These guys will bend over backwards to help you find what you need and or want! (PS, if your into Pathfinder, they’ve got a Summer Event going on almost all nights of the week, only Saturday is excluded for now. And you can just drop right on in if you’ve got a character 5th level ready to play. Feel free to contact the store for more information.)


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