The death of the elder one, lead way to the.. DEMIGOD!

Hey everyone,

Well after my comments the other day about Impulse vs Steam and the prices on Impulse not matching Steam. Well it was like somebody was reading this blog.. cause uhm yeah..

The game Demigod. Which I’ve been wanting to play for a while, but wanting to get a good deal on.. well.. it went on sale.. until the 14th of January, Demigod regularly for $19.99.. is now on sale for only. $4.99.

I admit it.. I bought it up.. and got a copy for a friend for his birthday yesterday. AND got a few more of my buds to pick it up as well. So if any of you are like me, and want to get your hands on an actually decent sale.. well impulse came through. Here is the link.

So in essence, I put my money right where my mouth is. Because in all truth.. the price of games is ridiculous, now with the advent of the digital distribution platform.. really beginning to take hold. They can cut out massive middle men costs, and share with the developers and the digital publisher.. and then roll in the cash. That’s a huge reason why Steam does so well. Though I’ve read the argument they put super low costs on games and then take 30% of the intake, while generally putting out games that folks don’t want to play. I disagree, in many cases the price point of a game is the reason people don’t play it. The game isn’t worth it.

But.. that’s part of the fruition of free to play for MMO’s, which are telling you that the cost factor is often the concern for many.

Me.. if I see a deal where the cost of the game is 66% off or better.. and It’s a game I’ve considered buying in the past, but didn’t want to waste money on a game that may not be worth it.. well letting me buy in for $4.99 is great.. cause I’ll bite for that for sure, if it’s a decent game. That and this supports Stardock and their developers.. I’m good with that too. But money in the wallet vs in their hands. That’s why I’ve argued that the price of an item that is replenishable (digital distribution) without the heavy manufacturing costs and the extremely limited shelf display, can afford to drop their prices to smaller margins, because then they begin to reach different sectors of the buying pie, that can’t turn down a good deal. It’s just a factor of the human condition, and perception of value.

Similar arguments being that the cost of a RPG book for $40 bucks is dinner for two and a movie. Sure.. and what did you get 3-4 hours entertainment. But humans don’t see that as a similar thing. We never have. And those arguments have never worked. We don’t perceive it in that manner. And those $40 books should be $9 pdf’s because they represent portability and lack of paper…

Hmmm gonna stop on that note or I’ll start ranting about The Slumlords of the Coast. And how they kept telling me how to play their game in their way.. taking away pdf’s.. okay didn’t buy another book from them after that. Take away my character builder as a DM, and the methods of use in my own way that I’ve been doing for 2+ years.. fine fuck you too, I’ll go spend $140 on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to get a strong system and then mod the hell out of it for myself, without the cumbersome math of the combat system of 4E. (And I LOVE 4E.)

What’s next.. not sure, but I’m sure they’ll screw it up. And that’s okay. I’ve found a system that I really like and I’m just gonna take the information I’ve gleaned in 4E and build them as interesting careers in Warhammer’s system and put it in my own homebrew world. (Mostly cause the warhammer world is way to damn bleak, and I want a more gritty story, but fantastic with full of roleplaying by the players instead of min/maxing the numbers to stand a chance in 4E or any other edition of D&D..)

And seriously.. think about this.. how much do you have to fuck up in order to turn a 28 year gaming veteran who’s played every incarnation of your game away.. (I know.. quite a bit.. but not my problem.)


I’ll chat more in the near future!


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2 Responses to The death of the elder one, lead way to the.. DEMIGOD!

  1. Yeah my friend introduced me to Steam and I agree with you! Why not if it’s a good deal?

  2. gorstagg says:

    Well the concern often referenced when it comes to Steam is that it’s a monopolistic entity that is grabbing a larger and larger share of the digital distribution platform, that doesn’t really do very well for the game developer, (per the argument) as 30% of the money from a sale goes right into Valve (Steam creators, and also of Halflife and Team Fortress 2 and what not).

    I’m not sure I fully agree with the presented arguments, but I am conscious that they exist. And Nice to have you visit Sarah, also like your blog too!

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